Sunday, September 30, 2018

A Balm for All Ills Including Heartache: Melissa

We all need a pick-me-up sometimes: lemon balm soothes aches and pains including heartbreak.
 Lemon Balm- Growing and using.  Lemon mint tea?  Yes, please!
Balm also goes by the equally lovely Latinate Melissa. From Greco Roman times, this relative of the mint family has been held as a significant medicinal. You can grow lemon balm with ease from seed packets in almost any kind of soil but likes shade in the afternoon to prevent wilting.  This is one of the happy plants that will “volunteer” and spread in your garden and can be used in your home- to bring love to you and also heal after a break up of divorce.  It can also be employed as an aphrodisiac.  Infusions and teas made from lemon balm make good on the offer the name implies, it can soothe the heart and any lingering upset, blue moods and aches and pains from trauma, both physical and emotional. I suggest we all grow as much as possible and let some go to seed for those new plants that will pop up in unexpected places in your herb garden. An herbalist never complains about a plentitude of balm; anyone who makes much use of lemon balm in brews and cookery will enjoy an abundance of love.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Replenish Your Body and Spirit With Herbs: Nettle

After a week like we all just experienced, boost your mood and immune systen with herbs:
Image result for beautiful photos of herbs nettle

Nettle (Urtica dioica) Nettle has been used as a healer for untold centuries and relieves allergies, an immune booster and can even help with a distended prostate. It is also a superfood and beloved for the nutrients. If you are working with fresh nettles, wear gloves to avoid the stinging. Cooking or drying removes any irritant. Any herb or health food store will have dried nettle or capsule form. Make nettle tea by steeping 2 teaspoons of leaves for ten minutes or take the capsules in recommended doses of 300 to 500 mg twice a day. Nettles are a hedgeiwitch's favorite and you'll soon see why. Take good care of yourself!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Tension Tamers: Nutmeg and Turmeric

These kitchen table cures will offer you and your family much relief from stress and strain:
Image result for beautiful photos of spices turmeric

There is not denying we live in a time of immense tension. So many of us are living under enormous stress and strain. But, come to think of it, so were our grandparents and relatives who lived through World Wars. The Great Depression and really hard  times. For that reason, some of the  homemade healing potions, teas and cures our grandmothers cooked up from the kitchen cabinet are the best things to turn to in tough times. Here are some lovingly passed down from Auntie. Many remedies can be made from what you have in the kitchen, from spices as well as plants.  Here are a few simple tried and tested recipes:

Nutmeg Milk

Grated nutmeg soothes tension and upset tummies.  Use a nutmeg grater to grate a small amount (about 1/8 teaspoon) into warmed milk (cow, soy, rice, or oat milk).

Cayenne Infusion

Use this pepper as a remedy for colds, coughs, sore throats, heartburn, hemorrhoids, and varicose veins, or as a digestive stimulant and to improve circulation.  Make an infusion by adding ½ teaspoon cayenne powder to 1 cup boiled water.  Add 2 cups of hot water to make a more pleasant and palatable infusion.  Add lemon and honey to taste.

Easy Turmeric Detox

This spice is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial.  Turmeric is also a liver detox and curative for acne and common colds.  Make a turmeric tea by adding a teaspoon of the powder to 4 cups of boiling water.  Simmer over low heat until it dissolves, adding milk and honey to taste.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Tranquility Tea: Stress-reducing Herbal Brews

After a day like today (or week, month, or year) you might need a cup of calm. Try this:
Image result for beautiful photos of lavender tea
This soothing sip that can uplift your spirits anytime and also serves to ward off chills. This combination of herbs brings about “letting go” of sorrows, worries, and doubts and reignites feelings of self-love.

Stir the following together in a clean ceramic bowl or cauldron:
One ounce dried rosehips (filled to the bursting with natural vitamin C!)
One ounce bergamot (also a mood and energy booster)
Two ounces dried chamomile
One tablespoon dried lavender
One tablespoon dried ginger root

Combine the herbs, pour into a colored jar and seal the lid tightly. When you are ready to brew, pour hot water over the herbs, two teaspoons per cup. While this steeps for five minutes, write down any thoughts or fears you need to rid yourself of on a small piece of paper.  Now say each one aloud, then chant, “Begone!” After this letting-go ritual, burn the paper with sage in the cauldron on your altar. As you sip the tea, enjoy your renewed sense of self and peace of mind.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Healng Crystals For When You are Freaking Out From Stress

 I don’t know about you, dear ones, but many of my friends, family, coworkers and I are experiencing extremely high stress.  Even my Facebook friends are feeling the strrain. 
Image result for beautiful photos of calming chakra crystals
Therefore, I feel called to offer what small wisdom I have for what you can do to counteract this lack of balance in your environment and our world.  As you may know, I am a strong believer in the calming and healing power of crystals. When people ask me, “How the heck could a piece of rock help heal my body?, I will point them to the wisdom of the chakra system.

It is becoming widely known that crystals can be curative for the emotional body, the spiritual body, and the physical body. And, we have learned that crystals can interact electromagnetically with people. The prehistoric medicine man and shamans knew instinctively how to harness this stone power and use it to enhance or stimulate energy; they never doubted the power of the unseen. Modern shamans talk about the body in a different way; they are in tune with and are working with the etheric body, the subtle life force that sustains the physical body and serves as the matrix for the metabolic functions. They work with the system of chakras (points of energy in the astral body that are associated with various parts of the physical body) and endeavor to make sure everything is in proper alignment. Illness beginning with misalignment of either the etheric body or physical body can result in a domino effect of maladies. Imbalance in the etheric body can cause low energy; depression; stress-related diseases such as shingles, ulcers, and migraines; and any number of other serious physical issues

Stress-reducing stones for you to try:

Alexandrite will bring lots of zest. Feeling depressed, worried and  blue? Citrine or jet can banish dark days. Stressed out? Rhyolite races to the rescue, as well.

Certain green stones, such as chrysocolla and malachite, calm the mind, and green-flecked bloodstone is a stress buffer.

If you want to be uplifted, try jade. To become wiser, pick sapphire. To stay safe while traveling, pick dendritic agate.

 To remain calm and overcome stress, choose blue lace agate. For more mental clarity, choose malachite. For a self-esteem boost, try rhodonite.

Herkimer diamonds are power tones, bringing great vitality and exuberance into your life. They can redirect stress away from you with their absorptive abilities. Placing these rocks in your bedroom will cause the stress to melt away and help you relax and feel safe.

Dioptase is a gorgeous gemstone that is nearly the color of emerald but lacks the hardness, thus lowering its marketplace value. It can be found in Peru, Chile, Russia, Iran, and some sites in Africa. The true value of dioptase lies in its ability to help anyone experiencing mental stress. It lends balance to male and female energies and acts as a stabilizer. As an energy stone, dioptase can activate and awaken every chakra, invigorating the mind, body, and spirit. If you want to be really different, wear dioptase, and you will fascinate admirers with this beautiful stone and find peace of mind in the process.

Any fluorite reduces electromagnetic pollutants and cleanses the aura. Get a big chunk of fluorite at your favorite metaphysical five-and-dime and put it right beside your computer to decrease stress. Those long hours of staring at the screen will cease to sap your energy. Look at your fluorite at least once an hour to reduce eye and brain strain, too.

I wish you much wellness and would love to hear from you about which crystals work for you xo

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Power Crystals & Soul Stones for Early Libras

Libra, First Half: September 22-October 6
Image result for beautiful photos of gems and crystals
A soul stone that was extremely popular in days of old is spinel, a jewel available in a multitude of hues, including black, dark green, orange, white, blue, purple, and red. Spinels were symbols and stones of the royals; the Queen of England owns a grand specimen called the Timur ruby, and the czars of Russia wore a crown decorated with a magnificent spinel. Spinels are rarer than either rubies or sapphires, and I predict they will have a renaissance. The extremely rare precious green spinel is the type most highly prized among Libras, and it can bring out their aesthetic values and empower their pursuit of the arts.

Dioptase is the power stone for first-half Libras. A deeper green than any emerald, it has an extensive copper content. Venus is associated with the color green, and the intensity of this gorgeous green stone makes it a love crystal for Venus-ruled Libras, enriching both their personal relationships and their higher love for humankind. Dioptase can also awaken the spiritual side of Libras, making the usually attractive members of this sign even more beautiful inside and out. Dioptase is difficult to cut for jewelry because of its brittleness. Use uncut crystal clusters as lovely spirit enhancers all around the home.

Kyanite is the sky-colored heart stone for early Libras. Because it shares the same chemistry (but different crystal structure) as a couple of other minerals, kyanite is known as a stone of symmetry, perfect for providing balance. The Greeks favored this aluminum-based rock and called it disthene, meaning “dual strength,” because it is soft (and easily cut) lengthwise but much harder across. Kyanite most commonly occurs in long, bluish green crystal blades but also comes in cluttered rosettes with a pearly, opalescent surface. If you’re a Libra, an air sign, keep kyanite around to stay steady and strong and help avoid spreading yourself too thin and succumbing to petty, energy-draining distractions.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Honor the New Season: Autumnal Equinox Ritual

Establish one room in your house as the temple. Ideally, it is the room in which you normally keep an altar or sacred shrine. 
Fall in the Forest
In any case, you should create an altar in the center of the space. Place four small tables in the four corners of the directions and place four evenly spaced candlesticks between the tables. Place a loaf of freshly baked bread (bread you have made with your own hands is best) in the east, a bowl of apples in the south, a bottle of wine in the west, and a sheaf of wheat or a bundle of dried corn in the north. Upon the main altar, place a candle, a plate of sweet cakes and a goblet. Light incense and place it in front of the cakes. Before your ritual, take some time for contemplation. Think about what you have achieved during this busy year:

What have you done?
What do you need?
What remains to be done?
What are your aspirations?

Write down your thoughts and feelings and the answers to those questions. Read what you have written and ponder it. Look for continuing ideas or themes and make notes of these on a piece of paper. Next, take a calming and cleansing quiet bath, and snip a lock of your freshly washed hair and place it on the paper where you wrote your notes. Dress yourself in a robe and enter your temple space. Light the candle on the altar and use this candle to light all the other candles in the temple. Speak the traditional Hebrew words of self-blessing:

Ateh, Malkuth, Ve Geburah, Ve Gedulah, Le Olahm, Amen:
Through the symbol of the pentagram in the name of Adonai.

Repeat this facing each corner, and then face your altar and say:

In the east, Raphael; in the south, Michael; in the west, Gabriel; in the north, Uriel. Welcome to this place in the name of Melchisedek, the High Priest of the Godhead.

Then go to the east and raise the loaf of bread as offering and say:

Raphael, Lord of the Winds of Heaven, bless this bounty born of sun and air and earth. Let us feed the hungry and bless the hand that gives it.

Place the bread back into the bowl and go to the southern corner. Raise an apple as offering and state:

Michael, protector of the weak and the oppressed, bless this sun-ripened fruit and let it be not the fruit of temptation but the fruit of our knowledge so we know how to make our choices and understand the measure of both good and evil.

Place the apple back into the bowl and go to the western corner. Lift up the bottle of wine and say:

Gabriel, bringer of the word of God, bless this wine that we may take into our body the wine of life shed by all saviors since time began.

Place the bottle back on the western table. Turn to the north and raise the corn or wheat as an offering and say:

Uriel, Lord of the Earth and all its bounty, bless this crop that it may be plentiful all over the earth, that this may be a year when all mankind will know the comfort of food and hearth.

Now return to the altar in the center of the temple. Light the incense and place some bread and the chalice of wine on the altar. Dip a piece of bread into the blessing wine. Proclaim:

Melchisedeck, priest of the most high God, in the desert after the battle with the kings of Edom you brought bread and wine to Abraham. In this communion shared between man and priest of the most high God, a covenant was made. I pray that this coming harvest makes bread for the world. In token of the ancient custom, I take this bread and wine into my body.

Now in this sacred place, guide and teach me, show me how to pursue knowledge for the power of good. Help me to grow in wisdom. Bless me. Bless those who share my life. Bless all of those with whom I work. Bless this earth and sweet, green world that gives us all the blessings we enjoy—all the water and wine, all the corn and wheat, all the joys of life in this body. Bless my home.

Take a lock of hair and light it from the candle and burn it in the bowl of incense and say:
This is the offering of myself.
In the east—blessings to Raphael.
In the south—blessings to Michael.
In the west—blessings to Gabriel.
In the north—blessings to Uriel.
Blessed be to all.

Now go around your temple space in reverse order and extinguish all candles. Then declare your temple closed. The common wisdom is that you should place the apples, bread, and wine in your garden as an offering the next day, as a blessing to all of nature.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Chains of Change: Crystals for a Charmed Life

Over time, we all collect chains, especially necklaces. How can you use these for magic?

Chains represent links between people, the ties that bind you to another. Other mystical associations for chains are happiness and justice; prayer; reason and the soul; communication and command. Plato referred to a chain of being, a golden chain linking the earth to the heavens above, a bond between humans and immortals. Socrates tied our human happiness to the concept of justice with a chain of steel and diamonds. Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite compared the practice of prayer to an infinitely luminous chain going from Earth to heaven. An astral cord, akin to a golden chain, binds the spirit to the psyche and binds reason to the soul.  Here are a few suggestions for magical gems to add to your personal chain of being:

Here are a few irresistible crystals to consider using in your Chains of Charm:

-Amazonite makes you hopeful.
-Amber boosts your spirits—you will feel good!
-Aventurine creates good opportunities.
-Banded agate attracts a lover of strength and courage.
-Brown jasper makes you confident and emotionally secure.
-Opal enhances beauty and makes you more psychic.
-Pearl augments femininity.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Magical Jewelry: Crystals to Enhance Your Energy

A marvelous way to take full advantage of the power of your crystals is to wear them in jewelry.
 Image result for beautiful photos of crystals jewelry

Even better, you can make the jewelry you own magical by charging it—imbuing it with intention and purpose and power. Also, you can craft your own magical jewelry, which is perhaps the most powerful option of all because you hold your desires in mind as you put your enchantments together step by step and gem by gem.

As you wear a gem, you’re not only decorating yourself but also experiencing its interaction with your energy systems. A large portion of my book, The Magic of Crystals and Gems, is devoted to explaining the energies of each of the major crystals and gems along with some of the rarer rocks, so you must read through the descriptionary part to determine which stones are best for you. Not all will be, by any means, and some will conflict with your personal energy, as I also point out herein. Give a lot of thought about what constructive changes you wish to see in your life or what good qualities you want to develop further in yourself.

For example, I need to put my house in order. It has gotten a bit messy, cluttered and out of control. For decluttering,  I will get lovely lazulite. Also, some family health issues caused  lots of stress all around which will be helped by the grounding, soothing and stabilizing effects of this stone. Lots of doctor bills indicate a need to get more prosperity-minded and a chunk of pyrite, citrine or green jade will do nicely, I have found myself gravitating toward pyrite of late, Often, this might be your subconscious giving you a gentle nudge about some growing you need to do. Listen to those inner voices, and you will reap the benefits again and again. When you are attracted to certain crystals in jewelry, take note as you might be receiving guidance. Take heed!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Virgo Power Crystals: Strength, Courage and Perception

Virgo,  Second Half: September 6-September 21  Secret Birthstones for September Souls
Image result for beautiful photos of tigers eye crystals
Virgos in this group celebrate iolite as their precious soul gem, which is associated with their ruling planet Mercury due to its crystalline composition of two dark and two light metallic elements. Iolite is named after the Greek word ios, meaning “violet.” Formed under enormous pressure in extremely high temperatures, iolite has a high vibration. The stone can help Virgos stay out of career ruts and achieve their true spiritual natures.

Tiger’s-eye, another iridescent gem, is the power stone for later Virgos, denoting strength and courage and perception. Virgos are great critics, missing no flaw, and tiger’s-eye can help them to have incredible vision and be able to see the wonderful possibilities in all things.

The heart stone for second-half Virgos is obsidian, a glinting black, extremely hard and tough natural glass formed by volcanic activity. Virgos are always helping other people and sometimes become vulnerable because of this. Using obsidian as home decoration can help them keep all of their energy from going to others and causing imbalance. Some obsidians have stripes; in ancient Mexico, where obsidian was plentiful, the striped variety was believed to prevent negative, or dark, magic. Virgos can be extremely self-critical, and having obsidian nearby can absorb their negativity and help turn it positive. This is an essential stone for the September-born!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Made With Love: Heavenly Healing Salve

Can a pricey jar of chemicals match the power of Mother Nature and your love? I think not!
Image result for beautiful photos of rosemary salve

Instead of expensive over-the-counter products, we use hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, calamine lotion, aloe vera gel, and both arnica cream and calendula cream.  We are ready for (almost) anything! Creams and ointments are often expensive to buy but can be made easily at home.  Here is an easy recipe to make your own curative cream.

Make Your Own Topical Salve:

            stainless steel saucepan, bowl, whisk, and thermometer
            small clean jars or cans to store your ointment in
            15 grams (1 tablespoon) beeswax
80 milliliters (5 tablespoons) organic almond carrier oil  
             add 20 drops of arnica tincture to make an arnica cream;
15 drops of rosemary tincture and 14 drops of lavender oil to make cream

Melt the beeswax and vegetable oil in a double boiler (or in a bowl over a saucepan).  When the beeswax is fully melted, remove the bowl or pan from the heat.  Whisk the ointment until it is cooled to around 100◦ F, then stir in the tincture you are using. Once you have the hang of it, you can experiement and make blends that smell like heaven!

Label and store in clean, sealable lidded jars or cans.  These homemade creams will last longest if you keep them refrigerated

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Plant Your Own Sacred Grove

My mother’s best friend passed away over the weekend and they had one of those incredible relationships you rarely hear about. 
Image result for beautiful photos of trees
They talked every day, mostly on the phone, but also saw each other often. I realized it would be a lovely tribute to my dear mother’s beloved friend to plant a flowering tree she can see to remind her of the gifts of that special bond. I have planted trees for people who passed and confess I even planted one for Michael Jackson which I can see right now out of the window by my writing desk. Michael’s tree is showy and is exploding in bountiful, beautiful purple flowers.

In much the same way that animals, stones, and stars were totemic to early peoples, so were trees. Greco-Roman spirituality had sacred groves, as did the Aborigines in Australia, Hindus in India, Germanic tribes, and the Celts of Europe. To the Celtic Druids, the oak was the major sacred totem tree. Pliny the Elder pointed out that groves of trees were the first temples.

A wonderful way to celebrate our planet, our tribe and engender the ideals of preservation and ecological sanctity of our precious resources is to return to the sacred grove. Essential elements necessary for the ritual are Tibetan Prayer Flags or colored ribbons and colored markers.

Gather your friends and go to a mutually agreed-upon home, park, farm, or forest. Find the largest oak or largest tree with low-hanging branches and circle around it, holding hands while chanting:

We are the wisdom of the stars.
The beauty of this green Gaia.
To the planet that gives us life, we return the gift.
We are one
We are the stars and the stones and the sea.
We are one.

By casting the circle with voice and action, you create a boundary within which magic can take place. One by one, each member of the circle should speak a wish for universal healing, write the wish on a ribbon, and tie the ribbon on the tree. Each flutter of the breeze will speak of your hope and good wishes for our planet. If you are lucky enough to be on the property of a member of your circle, ask if you can leave the ribbons there as the mark of the sacred grove. If you are lucky enough to have gathered at someone’s home or farm and can plant a tree, do plant one and name it and care for it. I am excited to surprise my mother with her tree dedicated to the life and memory of her devoted friend, Marylyn,

 Blessed be.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

By Jove: Your Abundance Altar

Your altar is the nexus of your magical powers; it is also your medium through which you give gifts to the Roman god of abundance, Jupiter, also known as Jove. 
Image result for beautiful photo of a prosperity altar
Jupiter is a rain and thunder deity who also controls fertility. He will rain abundance down upon you if you gain his favor through ritual observance. His “jovial” qualities include leadership, jollity, generosity, expansiveness, and a royal manner. Your middle finger is your Jupiter finger and you can also increase your fortunes by leaving a ring on your altar overnight and then place it upon the middle finger of either hand. Ideally, for the best result, it will be a green or gold stone such as peridot, tourmaline, or citrine. If you can find a statue or bust of Jove, you should place this symbol on the right side of the altar, accompanied by the image of an eagle, which is the ideal prosperity altar emblem, as the eagle is Jupiter’s bird totem. The eagles of Rome and America are this royal bird of the king of gods. Lapis lazuli, the beautiful blue stone beloved of the Egyptians, is also sacred to Jupiter. The alchemical symbol for this stone is the astrological sign of Jupiter in reverse, and the blue of the lapis stone is associated with the blue of the sky god. You can increase your prosperity by remembering one of the most basic principles of prosperity: By giving, so shall you receive.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Astral Azurite Meditation

The great psychic and healer Edgar Cayce used this blue beauty for achieving remarkable meditative states during which he had astoundingly accurate visions and prophetic dreams.
This piece of our glorious planet is named "Velvet Beauty" found in 1890 in Bisbee Arizona -- azurite, malachite and copper
 Indeed, azurite helps achieve a high state of mental clarity and powers of concentration. If you can’t find the answer to a problem in the here and now, try looking for solutions on the astral plane. Write the problem down on paper and place it under a small azurite overnight on a windowsill so it collects moonlight.

At 11:11 a.m., lie comfortably in a quiet and darkened room with the azurite stone placed over your third eye on your forehead. Clear your mind of everything for eleven minutes and meditate. Sit up and listen for the first thing that comes into your mind—it should be the answer or a message regarding the issue at hand. Write down the words you receive. The rest of the day you will be in a state of grace and higher mind during which you will hear information and answers to help guide you in many aspects of your life. If you, like me, enjoy this meditation, you may want to do it every day at 11:11 a.m. and every night at 11:11 p.m. I strongly suggest that you keep a journal of these “azurite answers.” You may receive information that you won’t understand until many years have passed, making the journal an invaluable resource and key to your very special life.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Metal Magic: Silver for Stability and Health

SilveAligned with the planet and the god Mercury, silver is about communication. Silver has been associated with the moon for thousands of years. 
Image result for beautiful photos of silver and geodes
As such, it is a stabilizer of any crystal or gem. Rather than adding to the energy of a stone, it secures the energy and supports the gem.

Silver is a healing metal that should not be worn all the time; let your body tell you when it feels right. Silver offers a mirror of your inner spirit, and this should be given very special attention. Silver is a detoxifying agent and communicates with the body to alert you to raised levels of hormones and other chemical imbalances. The metal is good to wear as a necklace, as it is very beneficial to the throat and lungs. Your synapses even fire more efficiently because silver acts as an energy conductor. Consequently, silver is good for people encountering memory reduction, psychological issues, and diseases affecting the brain.

In olden days, women wore silver around their waists to improve fertility. Men can do the same—by wearing a silver belt buckle, perhaps—to treat impotence or other sexual dysfunction.

Moonstones are wonderful in combination with the sacred moon metal. Amethyst is also great in a silver setting. Jaspers, agates (especially fire agate), and opals are very suitable in silver. Although diamonds are more often set in gold, they are also terrific in silver settings. The same holds true for sapphires. Lapis, jades, emeralds, and pearls set in silver are said to attract love.

Here is a list of stones you should not set in silver: zircon, tourmaline, and amber. I see amber set in silver all the time, and it is unfortunate because amber is a hot stone and works better with any other metal.

In foreign countries, silver is used in a variety of customary ways. Parents in China, for example, give their children silver-locket necklaces to show love and offer protection and luck. In France, couples wear silver chains upon getting engaged.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Essential Oil Remedies: Sacred Self Care

Essential oils have been used medicinally for centuries.  They are extracted from flowers, grasses, shrubs, herbs, and trees.
Image result for beautiful photos of herbal essential oils
If you are skeptical about the efficacy of essential oils, you’ll at least find it reassuring to know that the oils enter and exit the human body without leaving any toxins behind.  The best ways to use essential oils are externally, absorbed through the skin, or through steam inhalation.  However, oral applications are indicated for some remedies.

There are hundreds of essential oils used by herbalists, but for general therapeutic use in the home, these are my recommendations you need to have at the ready,

Lavender Oil
If I could only have one essential oil, I would choose lavender because it is so versatile.  It is a natural antibiotic, antiseptic, sedative, antidepressant, topical treatment for scalds and burns, and a good detoxifier; it prevents scarring and promotes healing, and its lovely scent has a calming effect and is widely used in aromatherapy.

Tea Tree Oil
Used by aborigines in Australia for centuries, tea tree oil is a powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic.  It has a fresh camphor smell and is used to treat athlete’s foot, sunburn, candida, and other infections.

Peppermint Oil
A wonderful therapeutic for digestive, respiratory, and circulatory complaints, peppermint oil is used to treat indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, flatulence, halitosis, catarrh, varicose veins, headaches, skin irritations, and rheumatism.  It also works as a deterrent for infestations of mice, fleas, and ants.  It is not surprising that peppermint oil is regarded as the world’s oldest medicine.

Eucalyptus Oil
In eucalyptus oil, we have an all-purpose antiviral, antibiotic, diuretic analgesic, and antiseptic.  It can be therapeutic for coughs, colds, respiratory stimulation, and insect bites.  If you start to feel cold symptoms, use 5 drops of eucalyptus oil in a hot bath or in a bowl prepared with boiling water for a head steam.

Thyme Oil
Thyme is an “old-time” antiviral, antibiotic, antiseptic, and diuretic curative; it was highly valued and widely used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans for fatigue, coughs, warts, rheumatism, neuralgia, and acne.  Thyme oil works very well mixed with base oil for massage.

Rosemary Oil
Sweet-smelling rosemary oil is a great antiseptic to use for flu, coughs, headaches, depression, muscular stress, arthritis, rheumatism, fatigue, and forgetfulness.  Rosemary oil is stimulating and will perk you up if you do a head steam with it or put a couple of drops in the bath.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

To Your Health! Healing Herbal Teas

Herbal tea nourishes the soul, heals the body and calms the mind. Try these:
 Image result for beautiful photos of herbal tea
Blackberry leaf tea reduces mood swings, evens glucose levels aiding in weight management. This miraculous herbal even helps circulation and such issues as inflammation and varicose veins. It is helpful to cancer patients and is believed to be a preventative.
Cardamom is a favorite of expectant mothers everywhere as it calms nausea and morning sickness; this East India fragrant is excellent for digestion, clears and cleans your mouth and throat. Anyone who likes cinnamon will love cardamom.
Nettle raises your energy level, boosts the immune systems and is packed with iron and vitamins.
Fennel is excellent for awakening and uplifting and is excellent for digestion and cleansing. Fennel also is a natural breath freshener. Catnip is a gentle but potent sleep-inducer
Catnip is one of the witchiest of teas and is not only grown as fun for your feline familiar. At the first inkling of a sore throat or impending cold, drink a warm cup of catnip tea, and head off to bed and you will awaken feeling much better. Catnip soothes the nervous system and can safely help get a restless child off to sleep,
Echinacea lends an increased and consistent sense of well-being and prevents colds and flu. It is a very powerful immune booster.
Ginger Root calms and cheers while aiding digestion, nausea and can also fend off coughs and sore throats.
Dandelion root grounds and centers, provides many minerals and nutrients. This wonderful weed is also a cleanser and a wholly natural detoxifier.