Monday, July 31, 2017

100% Discount Shopping

If you are lucky enough to live nearby an untended meadow, you have a garden at your beck and call. Rocket, sorrel, nettles, dandelions and purslane are there for the taking along with the beautiful tall flowering weed, Queen Ann’s Lace, which are tiny wild carrots at the root. Foraging is good exercise and an exercise in economy as these tasty weeds are free for the picking. All these greens are good for you and purslane is a genuine superfood, very high in Omega 3 fatty acids. Foraging these wild wonderful weeds is a part of the centuries-old hedge witch tradition. 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Grow a Fairy Garden!

When planting your garden of enchantments, bear in mind that certain plants attract hummingbird, butterflies and fairies. The wee folk love daisies, purple coneflower, French lavender, rosemary, thyme, yarrow, lilac, cosmos, red valerian, sunflowers, honeysuckle and heliotrope. Folk wisdom handed down through the centuries claims that pansies, blue columbine, snapdragons planted in bed are a welcome mat for fairies and they can use foxglove, which means “folk’s glove,” to make hats and clothing as well as tulips for their haberdashery. They also favor sunny-faced nasturtiums. Fairies are also quite attached to certain fruit trees with pear, cherry and apple as their absolute favorites.  The hawthorn is one of the most magical trees. It marks the fairies’ favorite dancing places, and you should not cut or uproot a hawthorn unless you wish to incur their wrath. Keep your eyes peeled when these trees are in bloom as there are bound to be fairy folk about!

Garden Your Way to Happiness

For dispelling negative energy, plant heather, hawthorn, holly, hyacinth, hyssop, ivy, juniper, periwinkle and nasturtiums.

For healing, plant sage word sorrel, carnation, onion, garlic, peppermint and rosemary.

Farming and working with plants is guided by the moon and should take place during the waxing moon in the signs of Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Capricorn and Taurus. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Very Berry Enchantment Ink- Manifesting Magic

In the days of yore, people often made their own inks, thus imbuing them with a deeply personal energy. They simply went to the side of the road and gathered blackberries from the vines that grow there. Often a bird flying overhead will supply a gift of volunteer vines best cultivated by a fence where they can climb, making berry picking easier. When it comes to matters of the heart, contracts, legacy letters and any document of real importance that you feel the need to make your mark upon, an artfully made ink can help you write unforgettable love letters and very memorable memorandums. This spell is best performed during the waning moon.

Gather the following for your ink recipe: A vial or small sealable bottle, dark red ink, 1/8th cup crushed berry juice, 9 drops of burgundy wine, apple essential oil, and paper.
Mix the juice, wine and red ink in a small metal bowl. Carefully pour it into the vial and add one drop of the apple essence. Seal the bottle and shake gently.

Incant aloud:
By my hand, this spell is wrought.
With this ink, I will author my own destiny.
And have the happy life and love, I sought.
So mote it be.

Now write the fate you envision for yourself in the near and far future using the enchantment ink and a feather for a pen. Let dry and seal it in an envelope and keep on your altar until the new moon phase. Then, by the light of a red candle, open the letter to yourself and read aloud. After, burn the paper using the candle and scatter the ashes in your garden. 

By the next new moon, you will begin to reap the positive plans you invoked. 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Lucky 7 Almond Attraction Spell

In your pantry and backyard, you have much that you need to attract whatever you want more of into your life- love, money, a new home, a new job, increased creativity. The jar of almonds on you shelf is filled with sheer potential and not just for delicious snacks or dessert. The great psychic Edgar Cayce ate five almonds a day for cancer prevention and believed this healthy nut contained great power. Almond oil is excellent for your skin, applied lightly as a self-blessing. A dab or almond attraction oil will go far for you, too, in this easy and effective spell.
If you are feeling a financial pinch, try rubbing a dab of almond oil on your wallet and visualizing it filling up with bills. To engender greater and long–lasting change, perform this spell:
Take 7 green votive candles, 7 almonds, and 7 flat green leaves from a plant in your garden- ivy or geranium are excellent choices. On your kitchen table, arrange the candles in a circle, placing them on the leaves. Anoint each candle with a dab of almond oil, which works swiftly as it is ruled by Mercury, the god of speed, swift change, and fast communication who operate in the element of air. Place the almonds in the center.

 At 7 am or 7 pm for 7 day, light a candle and eat one almond. Then incant aloud:

Luck be quick, luck be kind.
And by lucky seven, good fortune will be mine.
As above, so below,
The wisdom of the gods shall freely flow.
To perfect possibility, in gratitude I go.

Each day, at the strike of 7, perform your ritual.

Later, you can count your blessings; there will be at least 7.

Friday, July 14, 2017

How to draw money toward you

Basil and Mint Money Bags

Rather than chasing money or possessions, you can simple draw them toward you with wisdom from days gone by. A tiny green pouch filled with the herbs basil and mint, three cinnamon sticks, one silver dollar and a green stone-  peridot or a smooth mossy-colored pebble of jade would be perfect. The untrained eye might perceive this as a bag of weeds and rocks but any kitchen witch knows this is a powerful tool for creating powerful change into your life and attracting good fortune.

Prepare your attraction pouch during a waxing moon; the strongest power would be when the sun or moon is in Taurus, Cancer or Capricorn. Hold the pouch over frankincense incense and as the smoke blesses the bag, you speak:

The moon is a silver coin; this I know.
I carry lunar magic with me everywhere I go.
Blessings upon thee and me as my abundance grows.

Carry this power pouch with you as you go about your way- to work, to the store, on your daily walks, to social events. Soon, blessings will shower down upon you. You might even receive a gift or literally find money in your path.