Thursday, March 29, 2018

By the Light of the Full Moon: Money Magic

Attraction Action – A Group Rite

Here is a beautifully simple way to attract money to you and your circle.  Be sure to pass on some of the good fortune that has shone on you in order to keep the flow of  abundance in circulation. This ritual is most effective performed at midnight on a full moon. Ask the participants to bring a green candle with their name scratched into the wax.  Find the biggest green candle you can get and light it at the stroke of midnight.

Ask each ritualist to step forward and Recite their  name, lighting their candle from the large one. 
Pray aloud:

Holy Moon on this bright night!
Now is the time for fortune to shine.
Mother moon,  lend us your power
In this midnight hour.
Full moon bright, full moon's light,
Grant to us, our wish tonight.
Let abundance flow from this rite.
With harm to none, so mote it be.

Allow the candles to burn out on their own.
As they flicker under the full moon, gather the circle in a comfortable spot and talk about what you want to manifest in your lives. The more specifics in the discussion, the better. This rite bears repeating every once in a while to renew the power.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Herbal Infusions for Aches and Pains

Gardener’s Tea

As you now know, tilling the back forty and harvesting your herbs, veggies and weeding is a huge amount of work. It is one of life’s greatest joys, without doubt, but nevertheless, many a sore back or aching knees have come as result of a thriving garden. All the more reason for tea that revives refreshes and offers relief to aching joints. From your store of dried herbs, gather these:

2 parts echinacea
 2 parts chamomile
1 part mint
1 part anise seed
1 part thyme

A nice hot cup of this remedy will have you jumping back into the garden to plant more of all the herbs that comprise this delightful tea. Ahhhh, sit back and enjoy. You deserve it!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Telepathy Tea: Wild and Weedy Wisdom

The humble dandelion, abhorred by lawn keepers everywhere, hides its might very well. Dandelion root tea can call upon the spirit of anyone whose advice you might need. Simply place a freshly brewed simple using this herbal root on your bedroom altar or nightstand. Before you sleep, say the name of your helper aloud 7 times. In a dream or vision, the spirit will visit you and answer all your questions. During medieval times, this spell was used to find hidden treasure. Chaucer, who was well-versed in astrology and other metaphysics, advised this tried and true tea.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

"Moon Day" Rite to Begin a Joyful Week

Jasmine Joy Ritual

Jasmine tea is a delightful concoction and can create an aura of bliss and conviviality. It is available at any grocer or purveyor of organic goods but homegrown is even better. Brew a cup of jasmine tea and let it cool. Add two parts lemonade and drink the mixture with a good friend. Jasmine is a vine and represents the intertwining of people. You will be more bonded to anyone with whom you share this sweet ritual.

This is also a tonic that you can indulge in alone. I recommend brewing up a batch every Monday, or “Moon Day,” to ensure that each week is filled with joyfulness. As the jasmine tea steeps, pray:

On this Moon Day in this new week,
I call upon the sprits to guide joy to my door.
By this moon on this day, I call upon Ishtar and Celene, ladies fair
To show me the best way to live.
For this, I am grateful.
Blessed be the brew; blessed be me.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Celebrate the Rebirth of Nature: Create a Spring Altar:

One of the most vital ways pagans can keep in touch with nature is through the creation of seasonal altars. Your altar helps you to maintain balance in your life and deepen your spiritual connection to the world around you. A seasonal altar is your tool for ceremonies to honor Mother Nature and receive the deep wisdom of the earth by blending the energies of shells, feathers, leaves, flowers, herbs and all of the gifts of the season. Your calendric altars are the middle ground between earth and sky, the meeting point of the four elements. Creating these altars is very life-affirming.

You can create a wonderful outdoor altar for spring by planning two seasons ahead and planting floral bulbs, flowers that are the very harbingers of spring such as tulips and lily-of-the-valley. When the bulbs begin to grow and bud, place an image or statue in the center of your altar, which could be a stone bench, the top of a rock wall.  It could be a bust of a mythological youth to represent Hyacinth, immortalized in myth and in the gorgeous flower itself. Throughout the spring, you can stand inside your circle and pray and chant for the rebirth of nature that is spring.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Chamomile Calm: Brew Your Own Bliss

I hope you have a patch of chamomile growing in your herb garden or on a sunny windowsill in your kitchen. This lovely, aromatic herb will reward you many times over by “volunteering” to grow in every crack and crevice once you’ve given it a start in your back yard,  The delicious tea from this plant will inspire sweet dreams, calm your nerves, soothe and tone your skin, and ease a tummy ache. A symbol of energy and patience, sacred to the Saxons, and treasured by both Egyptians and Romans, this most loyal of garden herbs is “The flower of equilibrium.”

While brewing this mildest of teas, chant this medieval charm:

With bounteous hand and the healthful balm,
Oh scentful chamomile, most verdrous herb,
Bring me health and heart.

Drink in the scented steam and look for increased insight the rest of the day.

Monday, March 19, 2018

When the Stars Align: Astrological Secrets to Finding Your True Love

The specialized astrology of relationships is called “synastry;” it is endlessly fascinating and well worth anyone’s study.  By learning the sun and moon signs of your love interest and comparing them to your own, you can determine your compatibility in every regard.  A basic knowledge of synastry, the sexy side of the stars, can take you far!

The best relationships happen when one person’s moon sign is the same as the other’s moon.  Opposites also attract, as many a lusty Leo and quirky Aquarian can attest, so you should also check out the person right across from you in the zodiac.  Some of the most delightful and exciting sex happens when people are very different and complement each other with refreshing new sex techniques.  This section will provide you with the basics.


Fire signs are intense, usually positive, and often impetuous.  Fire signs get things moving.  They are passionate and need a matching enthusiasm in the bedroom in their partner.  Fire signs belong together.  Sparks can also fly if your moon or Venus is in a fire sign.

Warrior Aries angers easily, but the “kiss and make up” part can be fun.  Tell a Leo he or she is wonderful and sexy (as she or he really is), and you will be amply rewarded with dramatic fireworks between the sheets.  Adventurous Sagittarians like to make love outdoors.  Try a hike followed by skinny-dipping and an erotic workout.


Air signs are the great communicators and philosopher/techies of the zodiac.  They are always thinking.  These fun and social creatures really get along with everyone, although earth signs may try to keep them too grounded.  They live in the world of ideas and can at times intellectualize sex.  You can turn this trio on with sex toys, porn, and books of erotica.  Geminis are very verbal during sex, so a little erotic talk can drive them crazy with desire!  Libras are the most partnership-oriented of all signs, so a very romantic approach is likely to work extremely well with them.  Libras are ruled by Venus and have refined lovemaking to an art form.  Aquarians are wildly experimental.  Together, you’ll go through all the Kama Sutra positions and beyond.


Earth signs are at once solid, practical, and extremely sensual.  Grounded and security-oriented, they are the most involved with the physical body of anyone in the zodiac.

Taureans are ruled by Venus, so they are very amorous.  Bring a fine wine and some food into the bedroom for an after-sex snack.  Soft fabric, good music, perfumed oils – all senses are explored with Taurus Bulls in bed.  Virgos are not stereotypical fussy neatniks.  They are highly skilled and service-oriented lovers – two wonderful attributes, erotically speaking.  Capricorns work just as hard in the bedroom as they do in the boardroom.  Support them as they strive for success and you will be amply rewarded by an attentive lover who will sweep you off for weekend trysts.


Water is the most emotional and sensitive of the signs.  Water signs feel things intensely, and their empathy and sensitivity can make for exquisite sex – a passionate group, to say the least.  Cancers are very nurturing; this is a lover who will take care of you and meet your every need, sexual and otherwise.  They are home-oriented, so the bedroom should be a place with every comfort and erotic toy.  Scorpios are reputedly the most passionate of any sign – they are walking sex, and they know it!  They love mystery and want to make love for hours.  in bed and out, they want to dominate and own you.  Whisper that you want that, too, at the exact right moment for ultimate pleasure.  Pisceans are dream lovers, so intuitive they can anticipate your every need and give you unceasing sensuous attention.  These trysting Fish would never get out of bed if they didn’t have to!

Once you are grounded in a good understanding of your own sign, your own astrological chart, and those of your friends and significant others, you can begin to use this new knowledge to enhance your life and well-being and to bring joy to the lives of others.  Astrology is an excellent tool to help you understand yourself and others.  It is also a science handed down through the centuries.  Each sign and planet has many associations and magical correspondences.  By learning about these correspondences, you can begin to wisely wield the art of astrology.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow: A Money Spell

Pot of Gold Abundance Altar Blessing

Cauldron magic is more about the acts of brewing something new than it is about purification by water. To attract money, fill a big pot with fresh water and place it on your altar during the waxing moon. Pour a cup of milk with a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of ground clove into the pot as an offering. Toss handfuls of dried chamomile, moss and vervain into the vessel. With your head raised high, say aloud:

I call upon you, gods and goddesses of old, to fill my purse with gold. 

I offer you mother’s milk and honey sweet.

With harm to none and blessings to thee, I honor you for bringing me health and prosperity.

Place the offering bowl on your altar and leave the aromatic mixture there to instill your kitchen with the energy of abundance. After four hours and forty-four minutes, go outside your home and pour the offering into your kitchen garden or into the roots of a shrub. Now bow in appreciation of the kindness of the gods and goddesses.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Spell Bottle Secrets

Spell bottles, or magic bottles have been around since the 1600’s and were often filled with hair, nails, blood and other kind of ephemera. Now, they are used to empower us and adorn our sacred spaces.  Though their popularity has wanted since the Elizabethan age when there were called “witch bottles,” they are still used for a variety of intentions and your magical kitchen can display many of spell bottle! You can customize your own spell-in-a-bottle with crystal stoppers and you should let your imagination run wild as to the usage and positive purposes with which you can fill your vessels: put one in your garden to keep your plants healthy, one in the bedroom will bring love and happiness and a spell bottle on the living room mantel will protect your home. Spell bottles are used for protection primarily, but you can also put symbols if your dreams and desires in them- cinnamon for the spice of life, a rose for romance, rosemary for remembrance.

For a Happy Home:
To ensure that your home is peaceful, secure and grounded in “good vibrations,” gather a teaspoon of clean, dry soil from outside your home and put it into a bottle with smoky quartz crystal, or brown jasper any dark, earthen-colored semiprecious stone. Place the bottle in a potted herb on your windowsill and think about the sanctity of your space every time you water your plant. As your plant grows and thrives, so will the tranquility of your space.

For Luck in Love:
A bottle with a rosebud or rose petal, rose essential oil and rose quartz next to your bedside will help with love. For six days, rub oil from the bottle onto a pink candle and burn it for one hour. On the seventh day, your romantic prospect will brighten.

For Fast Money:
For luck with money, place three pennies and some pyrite, green jade or peridot in a bottle and put it on your desk or workspace.  At least three times a day, visualize a lot of money and shake the magic money bottle. After three days, your fortunes will improve.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Magical Meals: Peace & Love Nut Roastie

Did you know nuts are "brain food?" Yes, your favorite healthy snack is making you smarter! Nuts are one of the healthiest things we humans can eat, packed with positive proteins, beneficial oils and oh-so-very tasty. This nearly effortless nut roastie is a great snack for movie night at home, party time and makes a savory appetizer for special meals. Here is what you need:

10 ounces mixed nuts
8 ounces day-old bread
1 medium-sized white onion, chopped
1 ½ cups veggie stock
Soy or tamari sauce
2 ounces unsalted butter
1 teaspoon dried sage

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and start sautéing the onion in the butter until they soften. Mix the nuts together with the bread in a food processor or stir vigorously until blended well, transfer to a large bowl.  Heat the stock to boil and pour into the mixture in the bowl. Stir in the onions. Season as you see fit with salt, pepper and sage. Pour in a tablespoon of the soy or tamari sauces to add zing to your roast and give one last stir. Spoon the roastie mix into a greased baking dish and bake for a half hour. Notice as your kitchen fills with a fantastic aroma. Heating the nuts brings out more of their natural oils and intensifies the flavor. Like herbs and flowers, nuts have magical properties which are mainly to increase love and also feelings of conviviality and peace, thus the name of this dish. When you serve this roastie, you are quite literally “sharing the love.”

Rite of Connection

Before you enjoy this friendly repast together, hold hands and recite:

Sister, brother, tribe of the soul, ones who care.
Merry may we meet again to share.
Breaking bread and quaffing mead
We draw closer in word and deed.
Blessing of love to all!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Herbal Prosperity Magic

Floral Funding

The following list of herbs can be used in any ritual work whose intention is prosperity: Allspice, almond, basil, bergamot, mint, cedar, cinnamon, cinquefoil, clover, clover, dill, ginger, heliotrope, honeysuckle, hyssop, jasmine, myrtle, nutmeg, oak moss, sassafras, vervain and woodruff.

 Try these alone or in mixtures, tinctures or grind into your incenses. You can also plant a prosperity garden and refresh your abundance altar with herbs and flowers grown by your own hand.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

A "Welcome Home" Ritual

When you or a friend move into a new home, place a wreath on the front door and also on outside of the kitchen door or back door, if your kitchen doesn’t lead directly outside. Gather two bundles of dried hops or eucalyptus, tie them with green and brown ribbons and hang them high on the door.  Walk through each door with a brown candle in a glass votive jar and aromatic cinnamon incense. 


House of my body, I accept your shelter.
Home of my heart, I receive your blessings.
Home of my heart, I am open to joy.
And so it is. And so it shall be.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Green Magic- Basil Abundance Ritual

Take a few sprigs of basil before you cook and put them in a green bowl on your kitchen altar. Boil water as for tea and pour over the herb in the bowl. Now chant this medieval-inspired charm:

With bounteous hand and healthful balm,
Blessed basil, most verdurous herb
Bring me health and heart and calm
Abundance I shall see by every deed and verb.
And so it is.

Breathe in the steam from the basil bowl and fill your lungs with the smell of prosperity. Repeat the spell once more; leave the basil bowl on your altar for 24 hours.  Not only will your thinking be greatly clarified but you will begin to see signs of your wealth increasing with one week. With basil flourishing in your herb pots, you have a ready source bursting with positive money energy.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Harness the Energy of the Full Moon to Become More Psychic

Telepathy Tea

The full moon is a perfect time to unleash your prophetic potential when trying to make decisions about investments, job opportunities, or new business ventures. Sharpen your senses with any of these herbal teas:

Borage: A commonplace herb, which is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance.

Mugwort: A favorite of witches for centuries; this is a Venusian infusion.

Yarrow: Drink this before any candle magic for deep knowledge.

Dandelion Root: Grind this dried root and sleep; drink in direct moonlight.

The humble dandelion oft abhorred by lawn keepers, hides its might well. Dandelion root tea can call upon the spirit of anyone whose advice you might need. Simply place the brew on your nightstand and say the spirits name seven times; he or she will visit your dreams and answer your questions. In Chaucer’s day, this method was used to find lost treasures.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Your Astrological Almanac: Green Witchery Wisdom

Plants carry potent energy you can use to amplify your magical workings. Use the signs of the sun, moon and stars to your advantage and, over time, you will come to know which ones are most effective for you. Make sure to use your own astrological chart in working with these herbs.  Here is a guide to the astrological associations of plants you may grow in your kitchen garden or keep dried in your pantry:

Aries, ruled by Mars: carnation, cedar, clove, cumin, fennel, juniper, peppermint and pine

Taurus, ruled by Venus: apple, daisy, lilac, magnolia, oak moss, orchid, plumeria, rose, thyme, tonka bean, vanilla and violet

Gemini, ruled by Mercury: almond, bergamot, mint, clover, dill, lavender, lemongrass, lily and parsley

Cancer, ruled by the Moon: eucalyptus, gardenia, jasmine, lemon, lotus, rose, myrrh and sandalwood

Leo, ruled by the Sun: acacia, cinnamon, heliotrope, nutmeg, orange and rosemary

Virgo, ruled by Mercury: almond, cypress, bergamot, mint, mace, moss, thyme and patchouli

Libra, ruled by Venus: catnip, marjoram, mugwort, spearmint, sweet pea, thyme and vanilla

Scorpio, ruled by Pluto: allspice, basil, cumin, galangal and ginger

Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter: anise, cedar wood, sassafras, star anise and honeysuckle

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn: lemon thyme, mimosa, vervain and vetiver

Aquarius, ruled by Uranus: gum, citron, cypress, lavender, spearmint and pine

Pisces, ruled by Neptune: clover, orris, neroli, sarsaparilla and sweet pea

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Call Upon Angels When You Need Help

Spell for Welcoming Benevolent Spirits

We can all use more angels in our lives.  Some angels may take human form, such as a human friend who is always there in a crisis.  Still others are above in the ether and can be invoked with a few words and focused intention.  Use this spell when you need a guiding hand and angelic assistance.


           Your wind chime

1.     Bless the new wind chime by smudging with sage smoke.

2.     Jingle the chimes energetically and say aloud:

I call on my angels to guide joy to my door.
Such gladness as I receive, so I shall give.
By the moon and the stars
I call on my guardians
To show me the best way to live.
For this, I am grateful.

Blessed be.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Candle Magic for Your Enchanted Life: Change the Energy in Your Home for the Better

Candles are a simple yet profound tool that can make powerful magic.  Today, candle magic is used daily by folks of all walks of life for peace of mind, respite, contemplation, and aromatherapeutic healing.  Candlelight transforms a dark room and illuminates the air with energy.  Suddenly, the potential for a mystical realm is evident as you start to feel the latent power.  A spell, prayer, or ritual lit by a single candle has the potency of all the stars in the sky.  Candles contain the following four elemental energies:

·       Air: oxygen feeds and fans the candle flame
·       Earth: the solid wax that forms the candle
·       Water: the melted wax is the fluid elemental state
·       Fire: the spark and blaze of the candle flame

Charging Your Candles
“Charging” a candle means to imbue it with magical intent.  A candle that has been charged carries that intention through all four elements and up to the heavens and fills the very air of your sacred space with your magic.  Spell work and ritual candles are chosen for their color correspondences, and then they are “dressed”, or anointed with the energy of an essential oil.  Each color holds the intrinsic vibratory energy of different colors and their magical properties.

Black: banishing, absorbing, expulsion of the negative, healing serious disease, attracting money
Brown: home, animal wisdom, grounding, healing
Dark blue: change, flexibility, the unconscious, psychic powers, curing
Gray: neutrality, stalemate, cancellation, invisibility
Green: wealth, abundance, growth, luck, employment, gardening, early life, attractiveness, fertility
Light blue: patience, bliss, overcoming depression, tranquility
Orange: attraction, triumph over legal issues, changeability, stimulation, intelligence, clarity, logic, support, encouragement
Pink: love, faithfulness, friendship, goodness, positivity, affection
Purple: healing, aspiration, business success, stress relief, power
Red: vigor, protection, vitality, sexuality, passion, courage, power, love, good health
White: purification, peace, protection, truth, binding, sincerity, serenity, chastity, spirit
Yellow and gold: mental power and vision, study, self-assurance, prosperity, abundance, divination, psychism, powers of persuasion, wisdom, charisma, good sleep