Saturday, September 26, 2020

Sacred Stone Shapes

Ankh-shaped stones represent the key to life. Use this ancient Egyptian symbol to develop creativity, wisdom, and fertility.

Clusters are among the most common natural crystal forms and bring balance and harmony into your life.

Diamond-shaped stones bring the energy of wealth and abundance and are said to attract riches.

Egg-shaped stones denote creativity and give new ideas to anyone wearing them

Heart-shaped stones bring love energy. They promote self-love and romance.

Holes that form naturally in stones are very auspicious and magical. If you look through the holes by the light of the moon, you should see visions and spirits.

Human body-shaped stones bring good energy to the body parts being depicted and strengthen those areas.

Obelisks are four-sided, pyramid-topped shapes and are wonderful energy activators, or manifestors. Write your wish down on paper and place it beneath an obelisk to bring that hope into reality.

Octahedrons, eight-sided stones, bring order to chaos and are great for analysis and organization. They are also terrific for healing. Carry an octahedron crystal in your pocket if you are unwell, so you can feel better soon.

Pyramid-shaped stones carry energy upward, toward their pointed tips. I have a beautiful little malachite pyramid that I keep on my computer simply because I love to look at it. When the need arises, however, I can place a dollar bill underneath it and visualize positive money energy flowing up out of the stone.

Rectangular rocks and crystals represent the energy of God. In addition to symbolizing male energy and the phallus, this shape is symbolic of energy itself and electrical current. It also denotes protection. Rectangular stones are great for love and sex spells.

Round stones represent the universe and the Goddess. They are symbols of spirituality, connection to the universe, femininity, and, of course, pregnancy. Round crystals can be used in all love spells to cause attraction.

Square stones represent the earth and are harbingers of plenty and prosperity.

Triangular stones are guardian stones and protect the wearers.

Friday, September 25, 2020


A talisman is decorative object, or objet, that also provides protection and has magical properties. A talisman can be any article or symbol that you believe has mystical qualities. As we know, many gems and crystals have special innate powers. With a talisman, the special powers can be naturally present or instilled during a ritual. People often confuse amulets with talismans, but they differ in this significant way: Amulets positively protect the wearer from harm, evil, and negativity. Talismans actively transform the wearer to have certain powers. For example, the supernatural sword Excalibur, imbued with supremacy by the Lady of the Lake, gave King Arthur magical powers.

Grimoires (spell books) offer instruction on making talismans. The reasons for using talismans are many—for love, for wealth, for luck with gambling, for the gift of a silver tongue, for a good memory, for the prevention of death. Whatever you can think of, there is probably a talisman for that exact purpose!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Jewelry That Protects You and Your Loved Ones: Amulets

The term “amulet” comes from the Latin word meaning “defense.” Indeed, amulets are a way to protect yourself that dates back from the earliest human beliefs. Pliny himself subscribed to the use of amulets and wrote about three common kinds used by the Romans of the classical age. A typical amulet of that era was a bit of parchment inscribed with protective words, rolled up in a metal cylinder, and worn around the neck. Evil eyes might be the most global of all amulets, the belief being that they could ward off a hex by simply reflecting it back to its origins. Phallic symbols have always been popular, too, coming in the shapes of horns, hands, and the phallus, of course. Some amulets were devoted to a specific god or goddess, and the wearer of such a piece would be protected by that divine entity.

The peoples of the Mesopotamian plain wore amulets. The Assyrians and Babylonians favored cylindrical seals encrusted with precious stones. They also loved animal talismans for the qualities associated with different animals: lions for courage, bulls for virility, and so on. The ancient Egyptians absolutely depended on their amulets for use in burial displays, and we can see many preserved in the cases of today’s museums. To make their amulets, the Egyptians employed a material called faience, a glazed composition of ground quartz that was typically blue green in color. Wealthier denizens of the Nile, royalty, and the priestly class wore precious and semiprecious gems and crystals as amulets. Lapis lazuli was perhaps the most revered of these and was worn in many shapes, the eye of Horus being the most significant religious icon, followed by the scarab symbolizing rebirth; the frog, symbolizing fertility; and the ankh, representing eternal life.

Organized religions appropriated the idea of amulets from pagan peoples, and it was very popular in medieval times to wear a tiny verse from the Torah, the Bible, or the Koran. Today, many a Catholic wears a medal honoring a given saint, such as Saint Christopher, the patron saint for travelers. Wiccans and modern pagans are great proponents of protective amulets, causing a resurgence in Celtic symbols and imagery.

Amulets are very easy to create and make nice gifts, as long as you believe your friends will truly benefit from them and are aware of the special qualities and powers they hold. To make one, select a crystal that is endowed with the desired energy. Hold it in the palm of your hand until it is warm from your touch. Then, visualize the specific power the stone is offering. If you’re giving your amulet to yourself, wear it as a pendant or tuck it into your pocket or purse for a “guardian to go.” Here is a list of stones from which to choose for the specific kind of safeguard you are in need of:

  • Amethyst helps with sobriety by preventing inebriation.

  • Aquamarine is good for attracting wisdom and overcoming a fear of water and drowning. It is also a guard against malevolent spirits.

  • Bloodstone brings luck and is good to wear during travels.

  • Carnelian is to the devil as garlic is to a vampire— keeps him away!

  • Chrysolite drives away evil spirits and promotes peaceful sleep, especially if set in gold.

  • Diamond in a necklace brings good fortune and lends force and valor. This dazzling stone should always touch the skin and works best when it is received as a gift.

  • Emerald can cancel out the power of any magician!

  • Jade offers protection, especially for children, and guards their health. It also creates prosperity.

  • Jasper is reputed to be a defense against the venom of poisonous insects and snakes.

  • Jet set in silver will help expel negativity.

  • Moonstone is another boon to travelers and brings fortune and fame.

  • Turquoise is believed to be great for a horse’s gait if affixed to the animal’s bridle.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Earring Elegance

You can wear one gold earring and one silver earring to rid yourself of the discomfort of a headache. Earrings were once worn to guard ears from potential disease and from hearing bad news. They were also believed to strengthen weak eyes, especially if set with emeralds. Earrings help to balance both hemispheres of the brain and can stabilize the throat chakra. The earlobes are sensory centers of the body and usually benefit from the stimulation of a gem or crystal. Jade and tiger’s-eye are great for reviving and refreshing. You will generally feel quite good with these two earring choices. Sapphires will bring you greater wisdom. However, lapis lazuli and opal can be overstimulating as earrings, so watch carefully and see how your body reacts to them. Some people feel light-headed with these two stones placed so high on the body. Malachite can be too spiritually stimulating when set in earrings; don’t wear them unless you want to be in a soulful or dreamy reverie. Go for garnet, as garnet earrings will enhance your popularity. Here is a tip that might soon cause a stampede to the jewelry shop: rose quartz is wonderful for the skin and can even slow aging!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

DIY Crystal Charm

This “floating” crystal choker seems magical because the gems appear to hover around your lovely neck all by themselves. And maybe sometimes they do! The secret, aside from the magical gems, is the invisible thread, easily obtained at any craft store. The purpose of the Choker of Charm is to make you simply irresistible to whomever you wish to attract. Wake your boyfriend up with this enchanted choker, or hit the town with your friends and notice how a crowd develops around YOU!

You’ll need these ingredients: twenty-one crystal beads, twenty-two inches of invisible thread, a lobster-claw clasp, and glue.

First, tie one end of the invisible thread to the loop in the lobster-claw clasp, also readily available at any craft store and most jewelry stores. Knot the thread twice, add a drop of glue, and allow the thread to dry. Clip off the extra thread after the glue has dried. Then, string three beads onto the thread about three-quarters of an inch from the clasp and tie a knot in the thread beside the beads. Repeat until you have used all the beads. There will be seven groups of three, and each group of crystals should be evenly separated. At the last bead, tie the end of the thread to the clasp ring.

Here are a few irresistible crystals to consider using in your Choker of Charm:

  • Amazonite makes you hopeful

  • Amber boosts your spirits—you will feel good!

  • Aventurine creates good opportunities

  • Banded agate attracts a lover of strength and courage

  • Brown jasper makes you confident and emotionally secure

  • Opal enhances beauty and makes you more psychic

  • Pearl augments femininity

Monday, September 21, 2020

Speaking Stones

If you are a singer or speaker or simply wish to improve how you express yourself, wear these stones in chokers or necklaces to realize a noticeable change for the better: amber, amethyst, aquamarine, azurite, blue obsidian, blue topaz, blue tourmaline, kunzite, lepidolite, and turquoise.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Necklaces, Pendants, and Chokers

Perhaps you want to be a better communicator or vocalist or simply want to express yourself more freely. A blocked throat chakra can result in your feelings and ideas being blocked. So, in this case, you will want to focus on opening it up. A necklace or choker can serve this purpose. A strand of pearls not only looks timelessly elegant but also boosts your self-esteem and sociability. The best metals for this use are silver, copper, and gold. You will want to avoid aluminum entirely because it is considered to be a health risk.