Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year's Metamorphosis Ritual

Are you ready to usher positive change in with the new year? 
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Choose a place in your home or wherever you feel secure to do this deeply personal ritual. Allow it to be dark. You are in the dark cocoon and about to burst out into the light. Cast your circle of change by moving clockwise around the room three times. Notice as you walk that you can feel the darkness increasing. You are creating a magical space in which you will work for your desired change.

Stand in the middle of the circle and speak aloud what you want to get rid of in your life. Speak the truth from the safe center of your sanctuary. Close your eyes and turn to the east. Now, using creative visualization, call up the element of air. Picture a piece of the day sky filled with clouds and the night filled with stars. This is the element of air. Wait until you feel its presence fully entered in the circle and speak aloud:
I face the east; I am air. I call upon the powers of the sky and the stars to aid me now.

Now turn to the south and visualize a flaming red ball of sun, which is fire, heat, and life. You will know the element of fire is present by the heat you feel in your circle. Speak aloud:
I face south; I am fire. I call upon the powers of flame and heat, the passion of fire to help me through. Burn away the old, my former self.

Now turn to the west and visualize the waters of the world, oceans, rivers, creeks, and lakes, all merging into a single drop of the holiest water. Speak aloud:
I face the west. I am made of water. I call upon the powers of water, more powerful than any stone. I ask the waters of life to cleanse me and purify me, ready me for total change.

Now face the north and visualize the green of the earth, the soil and seeds of change. Speak aloud:
I face the north. I am grounded in this earth. I call upon the powers of earth, our planet, to give me the strength to change.

Stand still in the center of your circle and feel the energies of the elements, the powers of the four directions, and the strength of nature’s helpers. Relax into this energy and allow visions, ideas, and inspiration to arise. Welcome new feelings and sensations. You should be open to experiencing new patterns of thought. Thinking in a new way is one way to shed your old skin. Now begin to move and stretch in your circle of magic. Reach up as high as you can, and bend and bow as you emerge from the cocoon of your old self. Breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling slowly and fully. After ten breaths, you should being to feel a buzzing sensation at the top of your head. This is the signal that you have arrived at a new level of consciousness. You have shed your old limits; your transmutation is complete.

Walking counterclockwise, retrace the steps of your circle. As you walk, speak your gratitude to the elements and the directions, taking care to give thanks for all the help you have received during this circle of change. Your circle is now open.

As you go through the next few days, reflect on your new feelings and impressions. New people will come into your life. New opportunities will arise. You have given yourself the gift of new life. Enjoy this new post-metamorphic phase of change and treasure it.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Chakra Tonics: Gentle Healing

This healing practice is distilled from the study of chakras.
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Here are just a few examples of how to apply stones directly upon your body or that of anyone else who needs healing. By working with your chakras, you can become much more in touch with your body and soul.

The root chakra is at the base of your spine and is associated with passion, survival and security and the color red. Above it is the sacral chakra in the abdominal region, which corresponds to such physical urges as hunger and sexuality; the color is orange. The solar plexus chakra is yellow and is associated with personal power. The heart chakra is green and  symbolizes harmony, creativity, health, abundance and nature. It is the combining of  soul color of yellow  and spiritual color of blue.   The throat chakra is blue and is considered the center of communication. The third eye chakra is located in the center of your forehead and is associated with intuition and the color indigo. The crown chakra at the very top of your head is your connection to the universe and is violet in color

The first step for anyone undertaking crystal healing is to lie down, relax, and get very comfortable. Empty everything else from your mind.

Lapis lazuli and its fellow blue aquamarine can be laid upon the throat chakras to release any blockage therein. This greatly aids in self-expression and is wonderful for professional speakers as well as performers such as actors and singers. Turquoise laid on the face—cheeks, forehead, and chin—is a calming agent, significantly reducing tension. Azurite on the brow opens the third eye and deepens wisdom; this can balance the energy of the head and allow more light into the third eye.

Malachite, a heart stone, placed near the heart and along the center of the abdomen will create a sense of harmony and facilitate letting go of pain, suffering, and old childhood wounds.

The Rainbow is a simple and effective method for total-body wellness. Choose from this list of stones, making sure you have one of each color of the rainbow—violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red—plus one white stone and one black stone for completion. Then, simply lay the stones on their corresponding chakra centers. I’ve included a list of crystal and body affinities in case there is any specific area you want to focus on:

Root Chakra:
bloodstone for the kidneys
carnelian for the liver
garnet for the spine
hematite for the blood and circulatory system
rose quartz for the heart
fire agate for the stomach

Sacral Chakra:
amber for the thyroid
fire agate for the stomach
coral calms and soothes nerves
orange calcite for the bladder
chalcedony for the spleen,

Solar Plexus Chakra:
calcite for the skeletal system
jasper for the shins and for the skin
danburite for the muscles
fluorite for the teeth
citrine protects the aura

Heart Chakra:
chrysocolla for the pancreas,
chrysolite for the appendix,
chrysoprase for the prostate,
beryl for the eyes,
moldavite for the hands,
moss agate for circulation, immune boosting

Throat Chakra:
blue tourmaline for the thymus
benitoite for the pituitary
lapis lazuli for the throat
dioptase for the lungs
celestite for the intestines

Third Eye Chakra:
lapis lazuli for the throat
celestite for the intestines
calcite for the skeletal system
fluorite for coordination and balance

Crown Chakra:
jadeite for the knees,
dendrite agate for the nervous system
moonstone for the womb area
purple fluorite for the bone marrow
amethyst for sobriety

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Yuletide Soul Tribe Ritual

How are you celebrating the holiday of Yule with your soul tribe? 
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Here is an excellent way to closen the bonds of your circle and kindle sparks of positive change at the coming new year. In a safe place outdoors, build a bonfire and create an altar to the east of it. Place a small cauldron with a candle in it on the altar, and surround it with mistletoe, ivy, and holly. Participants should also wear crowns woven from these evergreens. If it is too cold or snowy where you live, you can gather indoors and form a semicircle around the fireplace, or around the altar.

Begin the ritual by holding hands around the fire. Hum softly, gradually building the hum to a shout. This shout represents the cries of the Goddess giving birth once again to the sun, and to the new year. The ritual leader says:

All bow to the East! Hail to the newborn Sun, and to the Great Goddess who has brought him forth!

Everyone bows to honor the Sun God and the Mother Goddess. The ritual leader chants:

Heaven’s Queen,
By the light of this moon
In this dark night,
Teach us the mystery of rebirth.

The ritual leader lights the candle in the cauldron while everyone else remains perfectly still. Now is the time when the Goddess will reveal herself privately to each participant. If you are outdoors, listen and look carefully for a sign. Traditional omens are a sudden wind, shooting stars, the screeching of an owl, and the appearance of a deer. Even if you are indoors by the fire, the Goddess will still make herself known in your heart. When the time feels right, the ritual leader says:

Queen of the Stars,
Queen of the Moon,
Queen of the Earth,
Bringer of Fire,
The Great Mother gives birth to this new year
And we are her witnesses.

Everyone shouts:
Blessed be!

Pass the lit cauldron to each participant so they can speak a blessing for the new year and the new sun. Place the cauldron with the candle back on the altar. The ritual leader closes the ritual with this final expression of gratitude to the Goddess:

Blessed be to the Mother Goddess
Thank you for the sun that gives us life
Without beginning and without end
Everlasting in Eternity.
This ritual is now done!

A toast to the new sun should take place with hot cider or mead, and warm festive foods.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Herbal Tea Guide to Surviving Winter Colds and Flu

My household and I just weathered a series of colds and feverish flus and tea got us through it all!ere are some of the herbs that helped us heal up and get back to happy and healthy:
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Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) This revered candy classic is also a wonderful anti-inflammatory that relieves the discomfort of colds in the sinuses, It can sooth sore throats, coughs and also is a GI curative. Treat licorice root exactly as you would ginger with 1 minced teaspoon of fresh or dried steeped in one cup of tea twice day,
Milk Thistle (Silybum manianum )Healers love mile thistle for its ability to protect the liver from toxins, harsh medicines, alcohol and unseen environmental pollutants, It can be obtained as an extract at any health food store or upscale groceries or pharmacies. There is some evidence it can also help heal the kidneys.
Mullein (Verbascum Thapsus) Here is an herbalist’s favorite for healing any respiratory ailment involving congestion coughs sore throats and calms the breathing. Mullein flowers infused in oil are also used to aid earaches. Take one heaping tablespoon of the leaves and steep in one cup of boiling water for no more than 10 minutes. Taken as a tea once, you’ll feel better soon
Nettle (Urtica dioica) Nettle has been used as a healer for untold centuries and relieves allergies, an immune booster and can even help with a distended prostate. It is also a superfood and beloved for the nutrients. If you are working with fresh nettles, wear gloves to avoid the stinging. Cooking or drying removes any irritant. Any herb or health food store will have dried nettle or capsule form. Make nettle tea by steeping 2 teaspoons of leaves for ten minutes or take the capsules in recommended doses of 300 to 500 mg twice a day.
Sage (Salvia officinalis) We know sage is great for clearing spaces and also as a savory for soups, roasts, dressing, stew and much more but it is also a highly regarded treatment at European spas for sweating, menopause, hot flashes, night sweats and accompanying discomfort. It is also an excellent remedy for colds, coughs and sore throats. ***Note: pregnant women should not use this. Simply make sage tea with one teaspoon of the dried leaves which you can drink or gargle to amend a sore throat.
Slippery Elm Bark (Ulmus rubra)
Slippery Elm Bark has even been approved by the FDA as a remedy for the irritation of sores throats and other sighs of an impending cold including coughs. This herbal can also help with stomach upset and amend heartburn, A powdered version of the bark can easily be obtained at any health food store or upscale green grocer which can be made into a tea using 1 to 2 teaspoons of the powdered bark you can drink twice a day,

Saturday, December 8, 2018

North, South, East and West ~ A Ritual for Daily Life

You can purify your home every day, and in so doing, create sacred space:
Love this. Would be neat to have a representation from each element in its respective place

1.     Take the cup or bowl of water and add a sprinkle of salt.  Then anoint your fingers and forehead with the salt water.

2.     Now turn to the east and say:

Powers of the East,
Source of the sun rising.
Bring me new beginnings.

After speaking, sprinkle some of the water in the east.

3.     Face south and say:

Powers of the South,
Origin of the sun and warmth and light,
Bring me joy and bounty.

Scatter some of the water in the south.

4.     Face west and say:

Powers of the West,
Source of oceans, mountains, and deserts all.
Bring me the security of the ground beneath my feet.

Scatter some of the water in the west.

5.     Face north and say:

Powers of the North,
Bringer of the winds and the polestar.
Show me vision and insight.

Scatter some of the water in the north.

6.     End this simple ritual by sprinkling the water and salt all around your home, especially on or around windows, sills, doorways, and thresholds where energy passes in and out as visitors and delivery people arrive.  In this way, you are cleansing and managing the energy of your space.  After a distressing occurrence, you can repeat this ritual to clear out the “bad energy”.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Lavender Mint Energy Cleanser: Clearing Vibrational Clutter

The very best way to prepare for the coming new year is an energetic decluttering        
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In order to do any ritual work, you must clear the clutter that can create blocks. Banish the old, bad energy from your house by following this spell. Make a tea from one part dried lavender and one part dried mint. Draw fresh water and boil, and then steep a teaspoon of each herb for five minutes. Once it cools, dip your finger in the tea and sprinkle it throughout your home. If you feel the need to clear out any remaining cloud of psychic clutter, add diluted lavender mint tea water to your cleanser when you wash floors or surfaces. Make your energy-clearing tea by bringing 4 cups of water to a full rolling boil; remove from heat and add in 4 sprigs of fresh lavender and 4 sprigs of fresh mint. If it is winter and there is no access to the fresh herbs, one tablespoon each of dried lavender and dried mint will do nicely. Steep the herbal tea for at least 4 minutes and as long as ten minutes if there is a lot of energetic clutter. The scent of calm and clarity will lift the spirits of all who enter your space. The purpose of incense is to release energy into the ritual space, not to create billows of smoke that can cause respiratory problems in the circle. If you or someone else finds incense smoke irritating or worrisome, consider using another symbol of air instead, such as potpourri, fresh flowers, feathers, or a fan.

There exist an abundance of incense burners nowadays, so use your discretion and choose one that pleases you—perhaps a smoking dragon or a goddess to hold the fiery embers of your incense would add to the energy of your altar.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Stress-Busting Essential Oils and How to Use Them

Put simply, essential oils have aromatic, fragrant molecules that can actually pass right through the blood/brain barrier, having a direct effect on the areas of our brain in charge of controlling feelings of stress and anxiety and even panic and depression. 
Lavender, known best for it's soothing properties, offers many health benefits.
Are you stressed out, feeling unwell or simply a case of the blues? Essential oils can help in so many ways and are wonderful to boost your immunity and your mood! Turn to these scentful helpmates to help you deal with anxiety, respiratory ailments, headaches and so much more. Sure, they smell good and even feel good on your skin but how do they really work to ameliorate depression, anxiety, lungs, heart rate, skin conditions and so many other issues? A German study conducted by Ruhr University found that “essential oils may affect a number of biological factors, including heart rate, stress levels, blood pressure, breathing, and immune function." Essential oils are unique in that they can be both a stimulant and soothing for us humans. The same oil can have cause a different response based on the application as these oils are adaptogens, as they truly adapt to the your individual needs. If you are feeling down in the dumps, for example, bergamot can be a major pick me up and one I have depended on for years. My clients and I have come to depend on the power of these natural healers for dealing with stress, anxiety, worry and woe.

Stress-Busting Essential Oils and How to Use Them:

1.     Breath in deeply: Rub 1-2 drops in cupped palms and take a long, deep breath
2.     Apply to your skin: Rub 1-2 drops of oil into your temples, wrists or anywhere, for full body relaxation
3.     As a quick pick me up: Put a few drops on a handkerchief, cotton pad or on a scarf and inhale as needed. You'll get instant calming support throughout your day.
4.     As a shower infusion: Immerse yourself in an essential oil steam by adding a couple of drops in your shower. Remember to plug or cover the drain and inhale deeply.
5.     In a diffuser: To get long-lasting benefit, use a diffuser (great for everyone at home - adults, kids and pets!)


Lavender Essential Oil
Lavender is beloved and for good reason; it is one of the best and most commonly used "adaptogenss" that appears to adapt to any mood. An instant refresher, the sweetly serene and floral aroma is relaxing and calming. Applied topically, lavender oil is excellent for mental concentration, reducing stress tension, calming upset and alleviating insomnia.
From the Breath to Your Brain:
Put  2-3 drops of lavender oil in your palms, rub rapidly  and take a deep inhalation. This way the smell enters the amygdala, the center for emotions, and provides a feeling of instant relaxation. In case you are have skin sensitiveness, you can put the drops of lavender essential oil b a cotton call or clean dry cloth, I advise keeping some at your desk for work and also bring a tiny bottle for when you are travelling, Heck, keep some with you at all times!

Headaches, Begone!
Dab a drop of lavender oil on your temples near your hairline when you have a tension headache and it will begin to diminish right away. If you are looking for even more relief and relaxation, run on your pulse points such as your wrist and insoles of your feet,

Lemon and  Lavender Lift  Blend
This is a miracle mix of oils that you should massage into your body for both stress relief and a moisturizer:
4 crops lavender oil
2 drops lemon oil
4 drops clary sage
5 teaspoons of your favorite carrier oil such as sesame and shake in a small dark colored dropper bottle. Keep this blend handy!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Creativity Crystal: Quartz

Thomas Edison carried quartz crystals with him at all times and called the stones his dream crystals.
 He believed they inspired his ideas and inventions. Literary legends George Sand and William Butler Yeats also relied on crystals to help spark their considerable creativity.\

recreationalwitchcraft: Cleansing Crystals Methods   1.  Pass them through incense smoke.  An easy way to rid any clinging energy from your crystals is to pass them through a stream of incense smoke. Not only does this method also cleanse your space, but you can re-charge your crystals for a new purpose at the same time. We recommend using frankincense for basic cleansing, benzoin resin for bringing calm, and dragon’s blood for increasing energy vibrations. 2.  Dip them in charged water. Pla...
Data has also been gathered to show the effectiveness of quartz in certain healing techniques, such as chakra therapy, acupressure, and light-ray therapy, as we will discuss in depth later. But the simplest way to promote healing with crystal is to wear a stone.

Quartz can take the form of great hexagonal stones or of crystals so small that only a microscope can see them. Quartz can appear in clusters or singly. It can also appear in every hue of the rainbow. The gorgeous and varied hues of quartz come from electrostatic energy, which now can be altered through technology. I, however, prefer the simple beauty provided by Mother Nature herself.

Quartz is the largest of the crystal families, and we can be grateful for that since it is such a powerful healer. Moreover, it is an energy regulator for the human body, affecting the vibrations of the aura, or energy field that surrounds all living beings.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Fiery Crystals: Soul Stones for Sagittarians

Tourmaline—specifically the multihued specimen known as melonstone, which is pinkish red with a blue-green stripe—is the precious soul stone for the Jupiter-ruled Sagittarians.
Tourmaline --- Sapo Mine, Ferruginha, Conselheiro Pena, Doce valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Individuals under this fire sign are lively and very action-oriented, and tourmaline, which readily gives off an electrical charge when warmed, can match and propel their energy. Tourmaline is the stone for adventurers and explorers. Get some today and hit the road, dear Sag.

Amber is the power stone for early Sagittarians. This rock formed from fossilized tree sap and resin, an organic crystal. Amber was thought by the ancients to have trapped the sun, and it was called electron by the Greeks, who observed its negative electrical charge. Even wildly active Sagittarians should wear this stone only on special occasions. It keeps energy cycling within, which is good, but it can have a weakening effect if worn all the time. Amber helps performers; actors and musicians swear by it.

Chrysocolla is the heart stone for first-half Sagittarians. Either blue or green, this copper-rich crystal is one of great life-giving vibrancy. Sagittarians always have many irons in many fires and often burn up their energy in typical fire-sign style. Chrysocolla can help prevent this and help Sagittarians direct their energy toward more purposeful and heartfelt pursuits.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Luxuriating In Lavender: Teas & Tinctures

Lavender  is a gift from goddess and truly smells heavenly. It is also a powerful healing herb. 
Image result for beautiful photos of lavender stalks
For tea, the rule of thumb is one teaspoon dried lavender flowers to one cup boiling water to aid tummy trouble, headache, aches, insomnia and even for calming the mind. You can easily amp up the therapeutic power of your brew, add any of these excellent herbs - dried yarrow, St. John’s Wort, or chamomile.  This is a simple and streamlined way to infuse lavender: pour heaping tablespoon into a bowl of hot water and then drape a towel over your head and breathe in the aromatic fumes to deal with respiratory issues, coughs, colds, headaches, stuffy sinuses and nervous tension. You will come away feeling renewed and your kitchen will smell like the heavens above. You can use the water in your morning bath or to your sink garbage disposal; grinding up the flowers refreshes that hard-duty kitchen appliance.

Lavendula Tranquility Tincture

This cure-all should be kept on hand at all times for soothing the skin, the stomach and anything in need of comfort. I have even seen it be used to stanch bleeding in small cuts. You need:

Dried lavender
Dried calendula
Clear quart jar with lid
Dark glass for storage
2 cups distilled water
1 cup clear alcohol such as vodka

Fill your clear quart jar to the halfway point with the dried lavender and calendula. Pour in the alcohol also to the halfway point, Add in the water and seal with the lid securely and shake for a few minutes until it seems well mixed. Store in a dark cupboard for one month, shaking once a day.  After 30 days, strain with cheesecloth into the dark glass storage jar and screw the lid on tightly. The lavender leavings will make lovely compost or, even better, dry and bundle them to toss on your next bonfire or at home in the fireplace. 

The scented smoke will smell faintly of incense. Magical!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Earth Element Ritual: Getting Grounded

I bet you love the beauty of trees and might even have a favorite tree. 
Image result for beautiful s;photos of willow trees
What is your favorite tree? I love willows for their dreamy beautfy. In Celtic lore, they were called wishing trees.  Taoists refer to them as money trees.  My spiritual circle  thinks of them as manifesting trees.  Either way, they are trees that give to you and root in the earth, growing, giving stability, and cleaning the air.  Plant one in your yard or in a pot for your home or office.  If you have to rely on indoor gardening, the biggest ficus you can find will do nicely in a jade-green ceramic pot.  Choose from among the following magical trees (or trust your intuition in arboreal matters):

Willow: healing broken hearts
Apple: divination, spell work
Oak: strength, lust
Peach: love magic
Olive: peace
Aspen: sensitivity
Eucalyptus: purification
Cherry: romance

If prosperity is your real concern, write your wishes on little paper scrolls and bury them in the soil near the tree.  Every time you water the tree, you will be bringing your wishes closer to fruition.  If you are looking for luck, happiness, or general good, verbalize your wish as you hang charms on the branches of your tree – colored ribbons, crystals, coins, and keys, anything that strikes your fancy.  This should also be a custom with friends and guests.  Every time you add an ornament, you must take one down.  Only when your charm has been removed will your wish come true.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Feng Shui of Love

Here is pagan feng shui for the bedroom that will prevent problems before they even happen!  
Image result for photo of a candle is beautiful bedroom
Fill your home with the energy of love and happiness with some of the simplest and most effective magic of all by creating sacred and safe space for yourself and your loved ones. It will also greatly enhance your sleep and even make dreams more pleasant. 

Feng Shui of Love Tips:

Never bring old pillows into a new home!  Old pillows can cause poor sleep and bad dreams, and they can kill a relationship.  Old pillows can carry sexual energy, too.

Never place your bed in the center of a room, as it will cause anxiety and get in the way of a healthy sex life.

Never have the foot of the bed facing the door, as it brings very bad luck.

Always make the bed, and change the linens often to keep your love-making fresh.

Place these objects in your bedroom to attract loving energy:
Two crystals of rose quartz of equivalent size
Pink, orange, or red fabric
Two red candles
Images of two butterflies (but never two dead butterflies)

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Jasper: Stone of Protection

The authors of the Bible write their great city of heaven is reputed to have jasper walls. 
Rough of Kaleidoscope Jasper from Oregon | #Geology #GeologyPage  Geology Page
This opaque type of chalcedony is found on every continent on this planet, often with striated bands in exquisite shades of brown, yellow, green, and red.  Ground up into powder and added to potions, jasper has been an ingredient in healing elixirs for thousands of years.  It has gradual encouraging effects that can work over a long period of time.  Jasper is a patient rock, but it does good work.  It is an energy crystal as well as a stone of sensuality that engenders immense ardor.

Jasper was also favored by the ancients as a cure for snakebite and for controlling the weather as a bringer of rain.  In Lithica, a fourth-century epic poem, this stone is praised:

The gods propitious hearde to his prayers,
who’ever the polished glad-green Jasper wears;
His parsed glebe they’ll saturate with rain,
and send for shower to soak the thirsty plain.

Jasper was also believed to be able to repel evil spirits.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Lavender Chamomile Tranquility Tincture

No doubt hedgewitches were making a varation on this recipe centuries ago:
Image result for beautiful photos of lavender vodka jars
Herbal tinctures, which are concentrated reductions of the herbs, are more expensive but last longer and provide a higher dose of the herb.  We keep a tincture of echinacea and goldenseal in the house year round.  At the first sign of a cold or cough, a few drops go into herbal teas and hot lemon and honey toddies.  A hot toddy is traditionally made with hot water, lemon, sugar or honey, and liquor such as brandy, but it doesn’t have to be alcoholic to be medicinal.  Fresh ginger and garlic are great for adding to home remedies, particularly for colds; just chop finely or grate and add to teas and toddies.
This powerful healing curative should be kept on hand at all times for soothing the skin, the stomach and anything in need of comfort. I have even seen it be used to stanch bleeding in small cuts.

 You need the following:

Dried lavender1 1.2 cups
Dried chamomile 1 ½ cups
Clear quart jar with lid
Dark glass for storage
2 cups distilled water
1 cup clear alcohol such as vodka

Fill your clear quart jar to the halfway point with the dried lavender and chamomile. Pour in the alcohol also to the halfway point, Add in the water and seal with the lid securely and shake for a few minutes until it seems well mixed. Store in a dark cupboard for one month, shaking once a day.  After 30 days, strain with cheesecloth into the dark glass storage jar and screw the lid on tightly. The lavender and chamomile leavings will make lovely compost and the liquid tincture will soon prove itself indispensible in your household.