Monday, April 30, 2018

Have a Blessed and Bliss-filled Beltane!

Beltane is without doubt the sexiest of pagan High Holidays and it is anticipate greatly throughout the year. Witchy ones celebrate this holy night which falls on the last eve of April and it is traditional for celebrations to last all the night. This is a festival for feasting, singing, laughter and lovemaking. May Day, when the sun returns in the morning, revelers gather to erect a merrily beribboned Maypole to dance around, followed by picnicking and sensual siestas. The recipe below is befitting this special time of the year when love flows as freely as wine.

Beltane Brew
Honeyed mead is revered as the drink of choice for this sexiest of pagan holy days. It is an aphrodisiac and signals the ripeness of this day devoted to love and lust. This recipe is adapted from a medieval method.
A quart honey
1 packet of yeast
3 quarts distilled water

Herbs to flavor such as cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla according to your preference
Step 1 Mix the honey and water. Boil for five minutes. You can add the herbs to your liking but I prefer as tablespoon each of clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, and all-spice.

Step 2 Add a packet of yeast and mix. Put in a large container. Cover with plastic wrap and allow to rise and expand. Store the mix in a dark place and allow it to set for seven days, ideally at the beginning of a new moon phase.)

Step 3 Refrigerate for three days while the sediment settles at the bottom. Strain and store in a colored glass bottle, preferably green. You can drink it now but after 7 months, it has gained a full-bodies flavor. Always keep in a cool dark place.

Nonalcoholic Mead
1 quart honey
3 quarts distilled water
½ cup lemon juice
1 sliced lemon
1 half teaspoon nutmeg
1 pinch of salt

Boil all the mixed ingredients for five minutes and let cool. Bottle immediately in a colored glass jar. Keep this in the fridge to avoid fermentation and enjoy any festive occasion. This is a healthy and refreshing way to celebrate.

Hoof and Horn Rite

Ideally, you celebrate outdoors but if indoor-bound on Beltane Eve, pick a place with fireplace and have a roaring blaze so celebrants can wear comfy clothing and dance barefoot. Ask them to bring spring flowers and musical instruments, plenty of drums!  Place pillows on the floor and serve an ambrosial spread of finger foods, honeyed mead, beer, spiced cider, wine and fruity teas. As you light circle incense, set out green, red and white candles, one for each participant. When it is time to call the circle, raise your arm and point to each direction, saying “To the East, To the North,” etc, then sing:

Hoof and horn, hoof and horn, tonight our spirits are reborn. (Repeat thrice)
Welcome, joy, to this home. Fill these friends with love and laughter. So mote it be.

Have each guest light a candle and speak to the subject of love with a toast of Beltane Brew. Drumming and dancing is the next part of the circle. This is truly an invocation of lust for life and will be a night to remember for all. Now rejoice!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Full Moon Gathering: Rite of Laughter and Joy

The full moon is the most powerful time of the month and a critical time to celebrate with friends. This ritual will heighten your spirituality, your friendships, and your connection to the universal powers.

As I write this, it is a full moon in Scorpio and I’m looking forward to getting together with my friends for a hullabaloo. We are waiting for the “witching hour,” midnight. There are thirteen of us, a perfect number for a coven, and we will gather in our favorite spot in the woods overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We have thirteen stones that mark each of our spots in our gathering place.

A larger stone sits in the middle, a natural altar upon which we will place a goblet of wine before an image of the Goddess. We will all bring candles in sturdy, tempered glass votives to light our way, and we will perform a rite I learned from my elders.

You can perform this ritual in your home or garden or a scared place of your choosing. Designate a leader who performs all the incantations as the group stands in a circle. Begin with the leader chanting:

Oh lady of silver magic,
We honor you here,
In this, sacred and apart.
This circle is in your honor.

The person at the north point of the circle places her candle on the ground as the leader recites:

Blessed one, all earth is yours.
May it become healed and abundant,
Free to grow.

The persona at the east point of the circle places his candle on the ground as the leader recites:

Oh Goddess of laughter and joy,
So is the sky yours, too.
May the air be clear and pure,
And the clouds sweet with wind and rain.

Place a light at the south point of the circle and say:

Oh lady of summer,
The seasons are yours.
May each spring bring
Flowers and crops for all.

Place a light at the west point and say:

Goddess of the waters,
The rivers and oceans are yours.
May they once more flow crystal clear,
Cleansing the lands with azure streams.
Our lady of silver magic,
We have built this circle in your honor.
Be with us here now.

The whole group now stands with their arms outspread and eyes closed, welcoming the presence of the goddess. All kneel before the altar and each sips from the goblet of wine (or juice). Now the leader chants:

I toast thee, bright lady,
In your honor.
Blessed be.

The last of the cup should be poured onto the ground before the altar for the Goddess. Now that she is with you, you can sing and dance, tell stories, and share love for each other in the blessed bonds of friendship.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Poppy Power Money Spell

The San Francisco Bay Area is magical in spring and summer, with its profusion of poppies growing along the highway and in every available crevice. No wonder California is one of the wealthiest places in the world. Pagans revere poppies for their money magic. If you have a yard, meadow, or any strip of ground you can garden, buy poppy seeds and simply toss them all around. Months later, you will have a wealth of wildflowers.

Harvest the dried seedpods and store some for replanting next winter. Take a couple of pods and place them in a tiny green or gold cloth bag.

Bless the bag with these words:

Poppy, gold like the sun, 
Thank you for the new luck I’ve won.

Sew the seed-bag shut and carry it in your pocket, purse, or wallet for a complete lunar cycle 

More Poppy Magic:

Take a dried poppy seedpod and empty the seeds onto the ground. Take a strip of paper and write down a question about how to attain meaningful and positive rewards in your life. Sleep with the little green bag you made and the paper under your pillow. You will experience prophetic dreams that will answer your question. This is best done during the Pisces Moon, Cancer or Scorpio Moon. 

Keep a dream journal by your bed and write down the dream immediately upon waking. Make this a ritual and you will have a rich resource of inner wisdom to guide you.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Inspiration Infusion: Brew Up Some New Ideas!

Teas brewed from a single herb are commonly called “simples.” I love that phrase of olden times. Experience has taught me that these simples often have the most intensity, since the very singleness of the herb gives it enhanced potency. A simple made from one of the following herbs enhances mental clarity, even clairvoyance. This will jumpstart you on your path toward any creative pursuit.

Here is a recipe for a very inspired tea:

Boil one pint of spring water. Place it into your favorite crockery teapot a half-ounce of any one of the following herbs: rosemary, mugwort, yarrow, or thyme. Steep for ten minutes and strain with a nonmetallic strainer. Cheesecloth is great, or try an inexpensive bamboo strainer. Sweeten with a little honey because you get the added benefits of clovers lucky powers.

Sip this brew while relaxing

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Plant Your Own Paradise: Growing a Garden of Love

In all cultures, paradise is a flower-filled extravaganza. Eden was a virtual jungle; Kama Sutra couple Radha and Krishna became lovers among petals, clinging vines, and scented trees. Plants and flowers will infuse your environment with bliss. Cut flowers in the bedroom and parlor never fail to captivate. As a horticultural courtesan, your lover will come to appreciate more than just your green thumb! 

Try cultivating a few of love’s most captivating blossoms.

Cheiranthus  cheiri, “Flower of Fidelity”

Crategus oxyacantha, “Flower of the Heart”

Yerba Santa
Eriodyction glutinosum, “Flower of Emotional Release”

Geranium maculatum, “Flower of Constancy”

Lonicera caprifolium, “Flower of Unity”

Evening Primose
Oenothera biennis, “Flower of Silent Love”

Rosa, “Flower of Love”

Clary Sage
Salvia sclarea, “Flower of Grace”

Vinca, “Flower of Closeness”

Zingiber offcinale, “Flower of Paradise”

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Earth Day Magic: Mother Nature Protects Us All

Dirt Spell: Black Forest Earth Magic

I learned this blessing from Holocaust survivor, poet, priestess and all-around goddess, ruth weiss, who lives up north in what is truly an enchanted cottage in the forest. She brought this wisdom from Europe where it has been passed down to her from a lineage of wise women.  It is the simplest of spells which might be the secret to its extraordinary effectiveness. Go into your yard or garden and put both your hands into the earth and scoop up a handful of dirt. Hold the soil in both hands in front of you and repeat three times aloud:

Mother, I need your help. Please send this _______. (Fill in the blank.) Thank you. Blessings all.

Stand in front of your garden or where the soil will be useful and helpful and throw it over your left shoulder. This is an all-purpose spell, it can be to help an ailing loves one, for needed money, legal problems, job issues, romantic woes and any help you need that is for the good of all. It is excellent for earth magic and gardening magic so try that before you plant your crop.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Ask a Question and Find Your Fate: DIY Divinations

Give your tarot cards a rest and create a one-of-a-kind divination tool: a bag of crystals you can use to do readings.  It is very easy to do.  Collect stones you have picked up on travels, and keep your eye out for crystals as you go about your daily business.  You can gather up relatively inexpensive stones such as garnets, agates, amethysts, and tiny citrines at your favorite metaphysical five and dime.  Select a favorite velvet bag, and when the need arises, turn to crystal visions for your enlightenment.  Most of us cannot afford diamonds in our bag of crystals, so substitute clear quartz here; for emeralds, switch to peridots, and garnets can substitute nicely for rubies.  A wonderful crystal and gem web site at has “rough rubies” and “rough emerald” pieces for just a few dollars each, so it is possible to find spiritual stones reasonably priced.

Casting the stones is as easy as one, two, three:

1. Shake the bag well.

2. Ask a question.

3. Remove the first three stones you touch, and then interpret them from the following guide.

How to read the stones:

Agate: business success and notoriety
Amethyst: change is coming
Black Agate: monetary gain
Red Agate: long life and health
Aventurine: new horizons and positive growth
Blue Lace Agate: the need for spiritual and physical healing
Citrine: the universe offers enlightenment
Diamond: stability
Emerald: lushness
Hematite: new prospects
Jade: everlasting life
Red Jasper: the need for grounding
Lapis Lazuli: heavenly fortune
Quartz: clarity where there was none
Rose Quartz: love is in your life
Ruby: deep passion and personal power
Sapphire: truth
Snowflake Obsidian: your troubles are at an end
Tiger’s Eye: the situation is not as it appears
Snow Quartz: major changes

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mother Nature's Skin Healer: Aloe is Magic

Aloe: Skin Soothing Solution

One of Mother Nature’s most effective healers is aloe. When I lived in colder areas that frost and snow, I grew aloe in a wide pot with good drainage and placed it in the sunniest spot in the kitchen where it thrived with very little water. I am truly fortunate to live where it never gets below freezing so I have a towering aloe in the left garden corner that is growing to tree-like proportion. When anyone in the household gets a burn, a bug bite, a rash, a scratch, an itch or sunburn, I march back and grab a stem and apply the juice liberally. We use it as a medicine and as a beauty application for facials, hair gel, skin massage and feel so blessed that all this heavenly healing is utterly free of cost. Aloe propagates through baby plants sprouting off the sides which you can repot into little clay containers and give as kitchen witchery gifts to your circle to share the healing energy as well as protection and luck, a deterrent to loneliness and abets success. Grow in the home to provide protection from household accidents

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Water of Life Ritual

Rainwater Renewal Spell

I advise any witchy gardener to have a rain barrel to make the most of stormy weather; you can water your pots of herbs and garden during sunnier days and dry spells. On the first day of the rainfall, place a blue glass bowl outside as a watercatcher. Bring it inside and place on your altar beside a lit candle. Speak:

Water of life, gift from the sky
We bathe in newfound energy, making spirits fly!

Dip your fingers in the water and touch your forehead. Meditate upon the healing work you and your garden can do, thanks to the nurturing rainfall. Pour the water into the ground of your garden, speaking the spell one last time.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Lavender is Love: Self-care Serenity

Lavender is blessedly easy to grow as it is a shrubby plant of Mediterranean origins. It is prized for the lovely scent and is a very powerful healing plant with many other properties, even for making tea, tisanes, infusing into honey and many more practical uses. It can even prosper in dry and drought areas so make sure kitchen garden has at least one of the hardy varieties so you can dry bundles to use in your spellwork as well as in your recipes.

Lavender Self-Blessing Ritual

The time you take to restore yourself is precious. Morning is the optimal time to perform a self-care blessing which will help you maintain both your physical health and provide an emotional boost each and every day. Take a bundle of dried lavender grown in your kitchen garden or from a purveyor of organic herbs and place it into a muslin sack. Knead the lavender three times and breathe in the calming scent. Beginning at the top of your head, your crown chakra, pass the pouch all the way down to your feet gently touching your other sacred chakras: throat, solar plexus, stomach and pelvis. Holding the lavender bag over your heart, speak aloud:

Gone are sorrows, illness and woe;
Here wisdom and health flows.
My heart is whole, joy fills my soul.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Green Witchery DIY House Magic

 We all want to live in an enchanted cottage, a  charming residence in every sense of the word. Several years ago,  I learned that all the chemicals in our cleansing products introduce potential toxins into our lives along with a certain amount of negative energy. Who likes the smell of raw bleach, over-perfumed detergents and those scary oven cleaners? They strip away the natural and are simply too harsh. It is even a danger to have them around young children whose curiosity could lead them into trouble. I think we can all agree it makes a lot of sense to simply not have anything in your kitchen cabinet that is marked “poisonous.” There are so many options that are inexpensive and will make your home and anyone who walks in the door, healthier and happier. \

Creating your own all-organic green witchery cleaners gives you the opportunity to put the most magic into every surface, room and corner of your home. Every time your home is cleaned using these pagan potions, you are bettering the vibrations of your home, creating healing energy, eliminating toxins and introducing a light, bright positivity right where you live. There is no more powerful enchantment than this; it is the foundation for a peaceful and pleasurable home.

DIY All-Purpose Cottage Cleaner

1 Teaspoon baking soda
1 Teaspoon liquid Castile soap
3 drops lemon essential oil or 1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 quart warm water
Pour the above into a bowl and mix well; transfer to a clean spray bottle and shake. If you have a tougher job than usual, add a cup or white vinegar to the other ingredients. Baking soda is a mild abrasive so don’t use it on fine furniture or delicate fabrics.Otherwise, it is quite miraculous for touch stains, rust, ovens, tiles, stain removal, tough greases, smelly fridges and so many other household chores.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Plant Infusions That Heal and Help

Many enthusiasts enjoy several cups a day of their favorite herbal infusion which is a large portion of herb brewed for at least four hours and as long as ten. I recommend placing one cup of the dried herb into a quart canning jar and filling it with freshly boiled water. After the steeping, strain with a non-metallic method such as cheesecloth or bamboo. Herbal infusions can be made with the leaves and fruits which provide  healing aspects of this comforting brew. Many of the favorite kitchen garden herbs contain minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals including the list herein. 

What do you need to attend in your life now? This list of herbs and associations can be your guide; one of the smartest ways to approach this methodology is to brew right before bedtime and you will awaken to a freshly infused herb. Some of the most popular herbs and fruits used to create infusions are as follows:

Anise Seeds & Leaves: soothes cramps and aches
Caraway Seeds:  aids in romantic issues, helps with colic
Catnip Leaves:  makes women even more attractive
Chamomile Flowers: helps with sleep, good for abundance
Dandelion Leaves: makes wishes come true
Echinacea: makes the body strong
Ginseng Root: increases men’s vigor
Nettle Leaves:  lung function, hex breaking
Peppermint Leaves: rids tummy discomfort, cleansing
Pine Needles: increases skin health as well as financial health
Rose Hip Fruit: packed with vitamin C and can halt colds and flu
Sage Leaves:  purifies energy, antibiotic
Skullcap Leaves: prevents insomnia and soothes nerves
 St. John’s Wort: antidepressant
Thyme Leaves: antiseptic, a protectant
Yarrow Flowers: reducse fever, brings courage and good luck

Thursday, April 12, 2018

If Wishes Had Wings: Bird Magic

I am so blessed to have a bluebird duu living in my backyard. They bring me such joy every day. 
Bluebirds are so famous they have given their name to the bluebird of happiness. The robin has been associated with the same signs of cheerfulness and joy. Seeing a bluebird or robin, you should immediately make a wish: it must be something unselfish, and not dependent on anyone else.
As the bird flies off, set your wish ascending. Wish hard for steadily increasing happiness and release from strains. Whether a bluebird or a robin, if you see the bird again with a few days in exactly the same place, your wish will certainly be granted.

Here are some more magical wings and prayers:        
Crow feathers: These indicate loss and mourning. Try not to be frightened but look at them as indicators of the cycles of life, death, and rebirth.
Hummingbird feathers: These bring joy, beauty, and bliss. Take time out to have a good time and to share with the people you love.
Swan feathers: These are the sign of grace. As swans mate for life, a swan feather can also mean a soul mate or good relationship is on the horizon.
Yellowhammer feathers: These are the symbol for hearth and home. Seeing a yellowhammer feather in your path means you will have a happy new home.
Magpie feathers: These are just plain good medicine for any kind of illness. Magpies bring purification.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Eight Oils of Enchantment: Sensual Scents for Anointing Candles (and yourself!)

All these are excellent choices of anointing candles and  lamps as well as yourself:

Cinnamon is energetic oil, spicy and warm. It stimulates the mind as well as the body.
Ginger oil is vitalizing vigor and is known to boost vitality, and heightens desire and comfort.
Jasmine oil sparks sensuality and inspires a feeling of positivity, confidence, and pure bliss
Lavender oil very soothing, calming and nurturing; it can provide a sense of relaxation.
Orange is light, citrusy oil that offers balance and lifts moods, enhancing playful emotions.
Rose brings youthfulness and enhances self-esteems, It aids circulation and relieves tension
Sandalwood is a woody aroma that relieves tension relief and relaxes tense muscles.
Ylang Ylang’s sweet, floral aroma is used as aphrodisiac relaxes and reduces worry and anxiety


Monday, April 9, 2018

Light the Lamp of Love: Bedroom Enchantment

Ask any professional decorator the secret of a beautiful home and they will all agree that lighting is hugely important. I will add that for bedrooms it is even more important as that is what sets the tone and mood. Your bedside lamp needs to be a favorite and the bulb wattage needs to be enough to read but not overly bright. Many metaphysical shops have clay lamp rings you can fill with essential oils but you can also anoint your bulb before turning it on by gently dabbing with a clean cloth dipped in oils. Vanilla and amber are my go-to’s but you should experiment until you find what you and your loved one prefer. You can also enhance the love energy of your lamp by draping a gorgeous scarf or cloth of a warm and amorous color such as deep rose or smoldering orange.

After you have anointed and adorned your bedside lamp, pray aloud:

Aphrodite, aid me from the heavens above!
Bring forth in me, the wisdom of love.
Goddess bright, share with me your art,
Guide me in the ways of the heart.
I go in gratitude to you; thank you for your light of love.
Now, adorn yourself and embody the goddess of love!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Feng Shui of Love: How to Create the Ideal Relationship Corner

As you walk into your bedroom, the relationship corner will be the back right corner. Your love and romance energies have to be nurtured there, and you might as well consider placing a shrine there to serve as your personal wellspring to turn to for refreshing these feelings of felicity.

Look at this area with a fresh eye—what is cluttering your love corner with stale energy? Half-empty perfume bottles or near-empty cosmetic bottles could be impairing your relationship energy. You must clear unhappiness out of this space, clear the area of any clutter by getting rid of all unnecessary objects and tidying up.

To cleanse the area, ring a hand bell anywhere clutter has accumulated, giving special attention to your bed and pillows. Here are a few tips:

   Never bring old pillows into a new home. Old pillows can cause poor sleep and bad dreams. They can carry old sexual energy and can kill a relationship.
   Never place your bed in the center of a room, as this will cause anxiety and get in the way of a healthy relationship.
   Never have the foot of the bed facing the door, as this brings very bad luck.
   To keep your romantic life fresh, always make the bed and change the linens often.

Place these objects in your bedroom to attract loving energy:
   2 rose quartz crystals of equivalent size
   Pink, orange, or red fabric
   2 red candles
   Images of two butterflies or a pair of lovebirds
   Tuck sweetly scented dried rose and lavender sachets into both pillows

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Witchy Feng Shui for Love

Of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom must be the real refuge, a place where you relax, refresh and restore. It should be a center of self-care and also where you pursue pleasures, whether it is reading a beloved novel undisturbed and also a sacred center for your romantic relationship. Ideally, your bedroom is where you unplug and recharge. You need to feel safest here and where you can “let down your hair” and be utterly yourself and utterly comfortable. There are days when you should stay in your jammies and slippers, nurture your every desire and do self-care spells. Let’s face it, we all face a lot of demands, day in and day out\, making it all the more important for your bedroom to be your personal retreat. Take care to make sure it is beautiful to your eye as well as peaceful and deeply comfortable. Clutter will add a note of chaos to your bedroom so make sure to keep the stacks of magazines and piles of sweaters under control to maintain the feeling of safe haven. Every room  should look and feel good to you but your bedroom is the beating heart of your home. Keep it beautiful to your eye and pleasing to all your senses as well as those of your romantic partner. Make this the place where you can sleep, dream, meditate, read, convalesce, share your affection and craft love magic.

 Witchy Feng Shui for Love:

 Surely one of the main reasons for clearing space in your home and bedroom is to make room for a happy love life. Before you attempt to enhance your prospects for love, you need to improve the flow of chi, or life energy, in the environment where you express your love. Try any of all of the following to help you improve the chi:

   Remove all pictures of yourself where you are alone.
   Remove all empty cups, jars, vases, and bottles.
   Remove all photographs of past lovers, or at least relegate them to another room.
   Make sure that decorative accessories are in even numbers, not in odds or in triplets. This pertains to candles, frames, pillows, and lamps.
   Display special feng shui love symbols, such as an open red fan, a pair of crystal lovebirds, and two red hearts. On your bed, you should use rich, silky, and extremely comfortable fabrics and colors. Also be extravagant when it comes to pillows—the more the merrier. But remember to have even numbers, not odd ones, which disrupt your “love chi.”

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Tranquility Meditation Essential Oil Blend

Sandalwood, lavender and clary sage create a deeply relaxing blend with a warm and soothing scent.  Here is what you need to conjure up a deeply relaxing blend that will bring great serenity. 

6 tablespoons almond oil
2 tablespoons jojoba oil
20 drops sandalwood essential oil
15 drops lavender essential oil
5 drops clary sage essential oil

Mix the oils together in a tightly capped blue or brown bottle. Shake well  and pour a bit into the palm of your hand to warm before using. Rub it lightly onto your shoulder and neck as well as your temples and wrists. Sit comfortably and breathe deeply with your eyes closed. Chant aloud:

Remove from me all worry.
Remove all stress in a hurry.
No more will I lack sleep.
No more will I weep.
Tranquility and calm, come to me now.
With harm to none, so mote it be.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Feng Shui Secrets for Peace of Mind

Stones placed in strategic places around your home can help accelerate the change you are desiring in your home.  Using what I call “crystal feng shui,” you can place a crystal or a geode in the appropriate position of your home to facilitate specific results. For example, amethyst will promote healing and release any negative energy that is clinging. Clusters of jade or yellow “lemon quartz” will activate vibrations of abundance and creativity.

If you want to bring more money into your home or office, place a big chunk of citrine on the left side of your desk, and the money will begin to flow! If you have a dark hallway that feels spooky or an area in your home or office in which the energy feels very static or low, place an obsidian ball there, perhaps in a pedestal, to absorb this negative energy. If you want to have your bedroom be a place of bliss and unconditional love, rose quartz will create this all-important atmosphere.  Not only will these tips add to the buoyancy and joy of your home, it will also make it more striking and serene.

Crystal Power:

-citrine for a better ability to communicate
-lace agate for happiness with your job
-lapis lazuli for mental brilliance
-moonstone for self-love and self-expression
-red coral for good health and physical strength
-rose quartz or opal to make you appealing to others
-turquoise for calmness and protection from the earth

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Use Color Magic for Your Personal Space

House Witch Color Magic

If you are going to paint your walls, fences, furniture and she-sheds, you should be very considered in your choice of color.  Every aspect of your spell craft can be enhances using colors that amplify your intention. Here is a simple guide to color magic for your explorations:
Red is for action, passion, vitality, strength, survival, fertility, courage, sexuality, conflict, independence, assertiveness, competition and standing out.
Orange brings joy, creativity, expressiveness, intellect, releasing addiction, business success and ambition, vitality, fun, new ideas, and sharing good times with others.
Yellow is used for enjoyment, inspiration, success, happiness, learning, memory and concentration, persuasion, imagination, charm, confidence and travel.
Green is great for prosperity, abundance, money, physical and emotional healing, growth, luck, marriage, plant magic, acceptance and counteracting envy and possessiveness.
Light Blue represents spirituality, tranquility, peace, protection and growth.
Blue is used for communication, will power, focus, forgiveness, good fortune, truth, patience, harmony at home, orderliness, removing bad vibrations, sincerity and true blue loyalty.
Indigo is ideal for spiritual guidance, mindfulness, psychic ability, divination, meditation, ambitions, dignity and overcoming depression.
Violet is the color of spirituality, connection to higher self, insight, clarity, tension and the divine feminine.
Purple is  for wisdom, cronehood and elders, influence, driving away evil, changing one’s luck, independence, breaking habits, and spiritual power.
Lavender is the color to use aspirations, for knowledge and accessing intuition.
Pink is the color of love, compassion, nurturing, femininity, friendship, romance, partnership, spiritual and emotional healing, protection of children and personal inner work. 
Brown is good for house blessings, animal magic, material goods, stability, food and forests.
Grey is best for   contemplation, and removing negativity in your environment.
White connotes newness, cleansing, purity, peace, balance, healing, truth, and spirituality,
Black stands for grounding, wisdom, learning, protection and security, reversing hexes, removing negative energy, transforming, defense, scrying, and secrets.
Silver is used for feminine divinity, psychic awareness, intuition, dreams, victory, communication, luck and moon magic.
Gold represents masculine divinity, great fortune, abundance, prosperity, understanding, divination, fast luck, positive attitude, justice, health, attraction, luxury, and magic involving the sun.
Copper brings business success, passion, money, fertility, and career growth.