Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Pool of Plenty: Intention Setting Spell (Full Moon is Optimal)

After any magical work involving employment, you should immerse yourself in the waters of prosperity with a money bath. This particular ritual is most effective if practiced on Thursday night during a new or full moon. Pour pine, mint or green apple essential oil into running bathwater and bathe by the light of a single green candle. Immerse yourself completely and, as you rise, close your eyes and meditate on your truest desires. What does personal prosperity mean to you? What do you really need and what do you really want? Focus on the candle flame while whispering:

The lean times are past and possibilities are vast. 
Here and now, my intention is set.
New luck will be mine and all needs will be met. 

With harm to none and plenty for all, so mote it be. 
With thanks to the goddess who provides all.

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