Sunday, June 28, 2020

Creating Space for Love in Your Home: A Relationship Corner

As you walk into your bedroom, the relationship corner will be the back right corner. Your love and sex energy have to be nurtured there, so you might as well consider placing your altar there to serve as your personal erotic wellspring.

Look at this area with a fresh eyewhat is cluttering your love corner with dead energy? Half-empty perfume bottles or near- empty cosmetic bottles could be impairing your relationship energy. You must clear unhappiness out of this space and clear the area of any clutter by getting rid of all unnecessary objects and tidying up.

To cleanse the area, ring a hand bell anywhere clutter has accumulated, giving special attention to your bed and pillows. Here are a few tips:

Never bring old pillows into a new home. Old pillows can cause poor sleep and bad dreams. They can carry old sexual energy and can kill a relationship.

Never place your bed in the center of a room, as this will cause anxiety and get in the way of a healthy sex life.

Never have the foot of the bed facing the door, as this brings very bad luck.

To keep your lovemaking fresh, always make the bed and change the linens often.

Place these objects in your bedroom to attract loving energy:
  • 2 rose quartz crystals of equivalent size
  • Pink, orange, or red fabric
  • 2 red candles
  • Images of two butterflies or two lovebirds

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